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So have you ever heard of this nifty little site? Basically it's an online set of flashcards that you make yourself. The cool thing about it is that you can share them. Our graduating class made a group so that any of us can go in & make flashcards & then whoever wants to can go & study them for the upcoming tests. It's really neat. For me it helps to type in the information on the cards, it really cements it in my brain. Also, our graduating class made a FB just for us. It's a closed group so the teachers can't get into it & see what we're posting (of course not that anyone would be stupid enough to post anything heinous about any of them on there, well at least I hope they wouldn't). But it's a really cool thing to have. We can post helpful hints, let people know when we've uploaded some new flashcards, post when the grades are up, remind each other when stuff is due etc. Also, it helps to put some names with the faces we see every day

Whoa where has the time gone!!

Wow, so much for blogging my way through nursing school!!! :) Forgive me? So here's the lowdown. First of all I can't believe I've been in nursing school now for 6 weeks!! I mean a whole month & a half has gone by & I'm still kicking. Believe it or not we've already lost 3 people in our class in just this short amount of time! It'll be interesting to see how many we have left at the end. One person dropped out. HOW in the world do you do all that pre - req work, jump through all those paperwork hoops and THEN DROP OUT!!! I guess when you're young you have more options, so it's not that big of a deal to change your major & move on. It's only when you're old like me that you have to really stick it out I guess. Ok so for my classes. Patho is hard. Harder than I expected but I don't think it's harder b/c of the content, I think it's harder b/c we have a new teacher & she is still trying to work out the kinks of how to