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What is all this STUFF??

Ok, so I know I already posted, but just a quick observation.  I hate it when I go to check out a new blog & there's all this STUFF all over the blog.  What is that stuff & why is it there?  I'm assuming it's to generate money, but it just turns me off.  If I go to a blog that has all that stuff on it I just skip right over it & move on to the next blog.  No likey. Just my opinion :)

Chapter readings....

Ok, so I'm a pretty rabid avid blog reader (OMG I just realized they put strike through as an option, now I don't have to type the whole <del> thing or whatever it was before & after the word, AWESOME) anyhoo, back at the ranch. Like I was saying, I luvs me some blogs.  I read lots of nursing & nursing school blogs, and I always read about people & their millions of chapters that they have to read before so & so date and I'm just wondering....are you people really reading these assigned chapters?  I mean who has the time to read this stuff?  I had SIX classes last semester, if I read everything I was supposed to have read I don't know that I would have had the time to do anything else.  Also, the thing is that most of my classmates were like me as well.  I only know of a very few people who actually did all the reading required for our classes.  As a matter of fact there was this one kid that read the whole patho book, not once, BUT TWICE!!!


That's what this girl is.  I want you to meet Syndal, if you haven't already.  Well actually now that's Dr. Syndal.  Yep that's right this girl just recently graduated from her DNP program, and she is SUCH an inspiration.  She is young, hip, sweet, funny [I mean her blog is anyway ;)] driven and just plain fantastic.  She is an oncology RN who just finished her 3 year DNP program, all while having a life AND planning a wedding!!  I am so proud of her accomplishment and honestly it just plain inspires me.  Sometimes I look at the years I have ahead of me & think I'll never get there, plus I fret that I'll be so involved in school that my life will pass me by, especially my children.  But Syndal proved that you can have it all.  And I hope that you'll visit her blog & give her a little congrats, cause boy this girl deserves it!!! Synfully Delicious: I'm back and I'm a DNP!

A whole lot of nuttin'

That's literally what I've been doing since I got out of school.  Ok, that's not completely true, we did go to Lake Winnie   which was really fun.  But unfortunately I forgot my stupid phone so I didn't get any pictures to post on my other blog .  Besides that day though I have basically been a super slug.  Today I stayed in bed until I picked Alei up at 3:00.  Isn't that crazy?  I can't help it.  I KNOW I have stuff I COULD be doing, but it's all yucky stuff.  I mean do I really want to clean my bathroom?  Noooo.  Although I know it NEEDS cleaning terribly.  But I guess I'm just using this time to decompress after my semester.  I'll get it moving soon I'm sure.  Guess what I did do though?  I got out my Patho book & workbook, sat down at the kitchen table & then changed my mind b/c I felt guilty b/c I had other stuff I should be doing.  But even though I did get up from the kitchen table, I don't recall if I actually did the things I

Don't you just love free stuff??

Well I do too!!  This sweet little lady over at  Life's a Dance  is giving away some pretty awesome stuff, as a matter of fact here is what she's giving away: The only thing you have to do to win is mention her post on your blog, like her on FB or Twitter & then go to her blog & tell her.  Ok there may be a couple more ways to enter, but those are all I could think of.  She has the whole list on her blog.  So go there & do that if you want to win any of this great stuff above! :)  Good luck!! Life's A Dance: My First Giveaway

Linky party, why I became a nurse(ing student)

Ok since this is nursing week there are lots of people posting why they became a nurse, and even though I'm just a nursing student I thought I'd play along with Anna's question of "Why I became a nurse". If you are new followers of this blog & you don't read my other blog then this will be new for you. On May 2, 2008 I got a phone call at work from one of my mother's really good friends saying that my mother was in the hospital & that she was almost non-responsive & that my sister & I should come right away.  (We live about an hour from where my mom lived.)  So, we immediately went to the hospital where my mom was in the ER.  She was in a stupor, barely responsive and we weren't sure what was wrong.  After many tests the doctors told us that she had a huge tumor the size of a lemon on her cerebellum and that it needed to be removed immediately. Now, some background.  My mom had been sick for several years from what she said w


Sixteen weeks!  Sixteen weeks?  Sixteen weeks :(  WHAT am I going to do for sixteen weeks!! One thing that I hate about my program is that unlike most other surrounding schools it does not go through summer.  Therefore I now am the proud owner of sixteen weeks of nothing to do.  Ok, so not exactly NOTHING.  I mean my children will be out of school in 3 weeks & then I'll have plenty to do, but lazing around all summer is not what I call productive.  I want to be MOVING forward in school. Gregory said that next summer we can apply for our externship, which sounds REALLY exciting.  I'm hoping to get one here in town, preferably in the ER or the ICU, anything but Med/Surge.  I don't see myself being a floor nurse.  Of course what do I know?  It's not like I've ever been a floor nurse, lol.  We are also thinking about going ahead & getting our CNA license.  One of the 5th semester nursing students that we talked to the other day said that her biggest regret was

Officially a SECOND semester nursing student!!!

So it's official, I have survived my first semester of nursing school!  1 down 4 to go, but for now I'm just extremely happy that the first semester is over & done with.  Here are my grades.   Health Assessment C (boo), Patho B , Gerontology A , Professionalism A , Health Trends/Issues A , Assessment Skills lab P . It was such a relief to walk out of my last final today with a 92 & know that I was done with 1/5 of my classes, and that I was 1/5 of the way to changing my and my family's future forever. After class was over a large group of us (about half of our class) met at a Mexican restaurant for lunch & some drinks & it was just so nice to be involved with such a great group of people who were so serious about their future.  Pursuing nursing as a profession is so exciting.  It's just exciting to know that my job will no longer be a job but will be a profession .  And while I was thinking about that it just really sunk in that one day I'll hav

One more day, one more test....

Can you believe it's almost here?  I know me EITHER!!  Today was my Patho test, I made a B!!!!!!  Which means I got a B for the semester.  Whew, so happy.  Tomorrow is my Gero test & then I'm done with my first semester of nursing school!!!!!!  I was talking to my nursing bestie & we both agreed that looking back to the beginning of the semester it seemed so much harder than it actually turned out to be.  Now don't get me wrong, 6 classes were no piece of cake, but what seemed so daunting at the beginning turned out to be very doable.  I reminded him that we needed to remember that when third semester rolls around and we're both freaking out.  After tomorrow we have almost 4 months off for summer.  I just can't even deal with that huge time frame.  I mean I don't even understand why we can't go straight through, I would like that so much better.  So, I guess I'm just going to have to fill my summer with lots of lake time, and hopefully some revi