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School day, school day, golden golden rule day!

So tomorrow starts the beginning of my 2nd semester of nursing school and I'll have to admit, I am terrified.  Just seeing the word Math breaks me out in severe hives and starts the nauseous feeling in my stomach.  I mean seriously.  17 Math chapters/quizzes!! I got into nursing so I wouldn't HAVE to do any more math but then here it is, back again.  I can already tell I'm going to worry myself to death over this!!  Then there's the EKG.  I don't think we learn that this semester but just reading my friends blog & seeing her talking about it gives me double hives.  I feel so lost and classes haven't even started  yet!!! Between Pharm & Research, I'm dreading this semester.  I'm starting to think this is just going to be an ongoing feeling at the beginning of each semester.  I guess I just need to remind myself of how nervous I felt at the beginning of last semester & of the fact that I did pretty well despite of myself.  I'm thinking an

Frazzle Razzle RN guest post...

One of my first nursing bloggy friends was Rachel and today she is guest posting on this here little 'ol blog.  If you read this blog you probably already read hers, but if not then head on over there.  Again without further ado here is my 2nd guest post: Hello everyone, my name is Zazzy and I'm an avid reader of Candi's nursing school blog and I'm honored she's chosen to have me host for a day while she's out relaxing in the sun having fun! (I wish you would have taken me in your suitcase CANDI :D) I have two more semesters of my own to complete before I graduate this May from nursing school, and I also have a fun blog detailing my journey. You can read more at In the meantime while going to nursing school I've been gaining experience as a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) and I finally figured out a system that works for me. I was pretty disorganized when I first started and felt overwhelmed with not knowing what to do w

Guest Post...

So one of my favorite posters has generously written a post to keep you entertained and informed while I'm gone, so without further ado meet Sherry: Hi, I'm  Sherry !  A big southern welcome to all of you!  Grab yourself a big ol' glass of sweet tea and sit and visit with me a spell.  I write over at  The Sweet Life of the Reeses .  I'm the only Reese who ever posts on that ol' blog -- the other Reeses choose to be actors and not writers.  Today, I am filling in for Candi while she is on her nice, little, much deserved vacation.  Vacation...I just love that word!  Instantly, pictures of tropical sandy beaches, clear blue water, and cold beverages with little umbrellas enter my mind.  *Sigh*  Those kind of vacations don't really happen much when you have kid, do they?  We just had our first family trip to  Disney World , and while we all had a blast, it was not very relaxing -- although I did manage to take a couple of naps by the pool that week.   We are als

New blog...

I am really digging this new blog I found called Life in the Clinic .  It's from a PNP.  So far I am loving all of her posts, she seems very smart and on top of things, exactly the type of NP I want to be when I grow up. So school is right around the corner.  List of things I still need to do BEFORE class starts on the 27th. Order my nametag Buy my scrubs/labcoat Get my shoes off of layaway (yes I'm broke enough to put my shoes on layaway, lol) Get my books (rumor has it that books this semester were close to $1000.00, thank goodness this is supposed to be our most expensive semester, couldn't afford 4 more of these!) Renew my driver's license, it expires today Get a new book bag  Get new pens/highlighters etc. Thank goodness for nursing best friends to nag you to death  call & lovingly remind you to do all of those things we need to get done before the semester starts.  I have to admit that as the semester gets closer I am getting more excited, nur

Going on vacay....

Ok so as I have posted a million times, I'm going on vacation next week.  So if you'd like to guest post on either or both of my blogs then just let me know & I'll be happy to showcase your post.  It can be about anything you want.  Since I have two blogs, you can post on either one.   My other blog is basically about life, general stuff & this one, obviously, is about nursing school/nursing stuff, so take your pick! :D  If you want to submit one just have it in to me by this Thursday and I'll be more than happy to put it up for you.  Of course I might have to ask someone exactly how to do that, but I'm sure I can figure it out haha.

Ants in my pants!

                                 Ok so it's getting close to time for school to start, 20 days to be exact and I can feel the itch starting back.  You know the itch that I was feeling when school first got out .  Well it's back (probably has a lot to do with the fact that my kids are back in school so I don't have anyone to hang with when my hubs is at work).  I am so antsy to get back into school.  And it's funny because reading back on that post, I talked about working at my local hospital for my externship but already that has changed.  I can't believe I'm even considering this, but I have really gotten very interested in working in Peds.  Now if you knew me (which I know most of you don't) you would totally laugh at that, but it's true.  I have noticed that I have mellowed very much in my "old age" and I actually find myself taking a liking to children that I never thought I would.  I have always been interested in oncology and now I

A little disappointing...

Ok maybe I'm the only dork that does this, but I am always so happy when I log in & see that I've gotten a new follower or a comment on one of my posts.  So you can imagine my dismay when I logged in today & saw that I am down a reader.  :(   As someone who recently purged & deleted my own blog list I guess I can't blame them, but it still makes me wonder why they decided they no longer wanted to read this blog.  Isn't it funny how tied up we get into something so frivolous?  There are people who don't even have clean drinking water and we're caught up in a "blog" of which I'm sure those same people have never even HEARD of.  Therefore I am not going to dwell on it, I'm going to let it go and go have me a clean glass of drinking water and thank God that I am blessed enough to have both. Blessings,

Ok am I dense????

I swear I think I'm living in the twilight zone, but then again maybe it's just me.  For those of you in nursing school I wonder if you've heard the story of the girl in a master's FNP program who posted on FB that she wanted to buy someone's paper for $50.  Now she said she was just posting this because she wanted to see an EXAMPLE of someone's paper who had made a good grade.  Huh???  Are you sniffing glue?  Am I?  I means seriously, in what world would you think it would be ok to post on a PUBLIC website that you wanted to buy someone's paper????  Even IF you were joking, which she wasn't, why would you think this was ok???  Well guess who didn't think it was ok?  The school.  She was promptly expelled for this, I mean am I the only one that saw this coming?  And I have to say I agree with them.  In my book offering to buy someone's paper ONLINE is grounds for expulsion.  Now in her "defense" she said she had already turned in th

Right around the corner...

School is right around the corner and you know what I'm looking forward to the most? NOT being the "new kids".  No longer will we be the "first semester nursing students".  We won't be the ones walking through the halls with that deer in the headlights look (ok, we may still look like that but we'll be slightly bigger deer, like bucks and not doe).  We won't be the ones everyone is pitying, while secretly thinking "I wonder which one of these suckers is going to flunk out this semester."  We won't be the ones constantly seeking out those people in the semesters ahead of us to ask them a million and one questions.  Heck, we may even be the ones that get asked a question or two, although that's all we'll be qualified to answer. No longer will we constantly torture the nursing school secretary looking for reassurance that we're not the dumbest class to pass through these halls.  Nope, we are no longer the noobies, the nu