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Malpractice done & campus tour

Today I went and paid for my malpractice insurance. Ok, stupid question. Why in the world do they make you get your malpractice insurance a whole semester before you need it??? Why not have me get it next semester when is when I'll actually be using it??? Isn't that just ridiculous? Whether it is or it isn't, it's done and I am FINISHED with all my pre-school starting stuff. Now I just have to send all my stuff into some agency and I will be 100% READY to start school. Ok, well 99% ready. I still have to get my books from my friend & I need to order my beautiful raspberry stethoscope and get some cute school supplies, but you know what I mean. The PAPERWORK part is finito!! Woohoo, one more step down. Now just to get through Christmas and it's the final countdown after that!! Oh yeah, today while I was there paying for my malpractice insurance I decided to take a mini tour of the campus, well just to find the most important part, the library!! And wo

Free clinic...

So went today & talked to the very nice girl at the clinic. She said they definitely need volunteers, so I'm going to start there in January once my kids go back to school. It's not a walk in clinic, it's by appt only & she said they mainly do maintanence type of care, you know BP & diabetes checks/meds. But right now any experience will be more than I have in a nursing role. I've done patient care before but it was for an orthopaedic surgeon & I basically did wound care, cast applications & removals. So, this will be a new thing for me. I'm excited about it. She basically said I could work whenever I wanted to, which she knows will be around my school schedule, so that's good too. I'll work it around mine & the kids school. Looking forward to it. Oh and tomorrow is my LAST thing on my checklist to be completely done and ready for school. Did I say the CPR class was my last thing? I can't remember. Well if I did, I wa


So I went yesterday for my CPR certificate which was more fun that I anticipated. I was envisioning a bunch of note taking blah blah blah, but actually there were NO notes to be taken, the class was only 3 hours long and it went by really fast b/c the whole class was hands on. I love hands on. But the really neat thing was that all of the other people in the class (there were 4 of us total) were also going to be attending Blarvard in January. So it was the first time meeting my other fellow nursing students. It was a very interesting mix of people too. You had me, the old one. There was another girl who already had her Biology degree, but had decided to go back for her nursing degree, so she was a teeny bit older than your normal student, but not as old as me. There was a very young black girl and a young Asian guy. I loved the mix. Greg was the Asian guy, he was so very sweet. I can't wait to see them again in January!! :) Now the last thing I have to do is pay for my


Today I go for my CPR class, woohoo, not. I am so not looking forward to this. Not because I don't think I need it, but my baby girl is out of school today and a couple of days ago she said "I don't want you to go anwhere" and I said "Where would I go?" and she said "No, while I'm out of school. Do you have anywhere to go while I'm out of school?" and I said "No, I don't have anywhere to go." But then I remembered this stupid class and I told her about it and she was just so sad. She said "I don't want you to go anywhere while I'm out of school." It was so sad and sweet at the same time. Luckily though the class starts at 10, which she'll probably just be waking up and it's over by 2, so I should be back home in plenty of time to spend some more quality time with her. Then nothing else until she goes back to school on the 2nd. So, on my checklist, I am down to the wire. Today I am getting my C

The first step towards debt....

Ok so I know Dave Ramsey says you should pay for college with cash, but Dave Ramsey doesn't live at my house where we live paycheck to paycheck and where 1 income just doesn't cut it, but for now that's what we have to do while I start nursing school. Sooo, that brings me to the dreaded student loan. Man was it easy to get. Amazing how quickly one can become $10,000 in debt in just a few minutes. I mean seriously, I went from NO debt to now being $10,000 in debt. I mean it's pretty mind blowing when I sit down and think about it. I'm a no credit card/charge card kind of girl. My car is a clunker, but it's 100% paid for and the only real "bill" I have is our cell phone, to now being $10,000 in debt with the amount going up every year I remain in college, which looks to be about 3 more years. Wow, I just can't even wrap my head around how much debt I will have incurred by the time I finish school. Thank God the career I chose at least has a decent


So my friend who started in the program last semester just text me & asked if I wanted to buy her books from her. I'm very excited about that b/c since she's a semester ahead of me, I can just buy her books the whole time!! She's going to charge me $265 for books she paid over $600 for! Woohoo!! So exciting. I can't WAIT to start school, the closer it gets the antsier I get to get started!!!! Now if I could just get through Christmas, haven't even started shopping yet :(.

36 days and counting....

So, I FINALLY was able to register for class. There was a computer glitch that was causing everyone not to be able to register, but I called & the lady (you know the one I mentioned every time I called she was NOT very helpful) was actually very helpful this time & she did an override and voila, I was able to register!!! Woohoo!! SO excited and nervous. Want to know why I'm nervous, well let me just show you.... This is a picture posted by one of my friends who is already in the program that I'm going into. This is her Patho book. Oh Lordy bejordy, now THAT made me nervous!!! Now, if you have read my blog for a while, especially through Micro & the A & P's, you know I am prone to making molehills into mountains quite frequently, which is a common occurrence I know. But I take it one step farther, I actually create the mountains before I ever even see them. I'm what you might call a "pre" worrier. I don't wait to worry, I start WAY


So I am now registered for more classes than I have taken is a VERY long time. Does it make me nervous? Extremely!! I am so scared and excited all at the same time. 41 more days before it ALL starts, can't believe it's finally here. I know this next 5 semesters is going to fly by and they will be over before I know it, but I also know walking into class that first day I am going to look at the days looming before me & think "Lord this is going to be forever!" I have registered, gotten my financial aid in place & now I just have to get my books together & all my other assorted nursing gear. I am still dreading the whole white scrub look. I mean seriously, our school colors are blue & white, why white??? I guess I shouldn't complain too much, it could be worse, I could still have to wear those nursing dresses!!! So, for now I just need to get Alei's birthday party (this weekend) out of the way, get Christmas done & then it's res