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So far so good...

Second semester of graduate school is going along swimmingly. So far no snags. True to what everyone suggested, I am so HAPPY that I chose pharm this semester instead of patho. Everyone in my program that I've talked to has said that patho is a beast, and I just couldn't afford that this semester. Thankfully, I heeded what everyone said and I chose pharm, which has been surprisingly easy. We just recently took our midterm and I only missed three, not too shabby. As I said in my last post, I'm also taking research as well. Another blessing. Everyone said with research it all depended on the teacher, and again, THANKFULLY I got a GREAT teacher! Something else that's different about this semester is the time. Starting my program in the summer I just assumed that every semester would be as jam packed as the summer, but it's not. The regular semesters are nowhere NEAR as packed together as the summer semester. Of course they're trying to jam 4 months into two months