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Just around the corner...

I love spring, spring is absolutely my favorite time of the year. To me spring feels like life, it's so full of promise and hope, of newness and freshness! I'm so happy that I'm starting school in June at a time when the daylight is longer and I can take my books outside and study in the fresh air. Speaking of which, I am so close to being able to register for classes. I have updated all of my information and am only waiting on one more hold to be released and then I can register!  It's getting so close, just right around the corner! Can you feel my excitement?!! If not, it looks a little something like this: Although on the same hand I am nervous as all get out! (Yes that's a southern expression.) If you read back through my blog you'll see that I'm definitely a nervous Nelly when it comes to school. I get myself all worked up quite often and although I'm not in a frenzy YET, I am still worried about how I'll do this time around. I mean I've