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Getting the jitters!!

It's getting soooo close to the end of the semester!!  I cannot believe that this Friday is our last OB class (final & HESI on the same day, can you say yuck!) Tomorrow is our last lecture for Med/Surg & then our HESI is on Wed & our final is a week from tomorrow & then we will be DONE!!  Do you realize that once this semester is over that we will have passed the halfway point.  We will be on the downhill slope!! Only 2 more semesters. I am so excited!!!!!!!!!! Speaking of the last 2 semesters, we got another cool thing going on at our school.  Up until this semester our 5th semester consisted of leadership, community health & something else (which we all heard was major boring).  I mean you go from having hands on clinicals to community health?  Uh no thank you.  So, one of the newer professors came up with a great idea called a Capstone.  So now instead of doing those boring classes with NO clinicals, we will get to CHOOSE what we want to focus on for our f

Study sesh...and last day of OB clinical

Last night I had my first real college study sesh.  I met up with some nursing buddies in the library after clinical & we studied for our OB test today until about 11:45.  Well, that's when I left since I live about an hour away, all of them left around 1:00 I believe.  But I am VERY glad that I did it b/c I  hadn't studied for that test one bit & luckily just about everything we went over was on the test & I ended up making a B because of it.  Well that & getting up at 5:30 this morning to finish studying.  Four & a half hours of sleep is no beuno, but it was worth it to see that B.  Right now I am on the veeerge of an A in that class.  Unfortunately the only things we have left are the HESI & the final.  Well & the participation points, I don't really know how to average those in.  Maybe, just maybe I can pull off an A in there, that would be awesome.  Monday is our last Med/Surg test before the final, so this week will be spent studying lik

Got the job!!

So the director of the Med/Surg floor said I would hear something by today and well, I waited as long as I could before calling her seeing as I hadn't heard from her.  I said I would wait until 4:00 but by 3:30 I was chomping at the bit so I called her.  She said "I was just filling out your paperwork to offer you the job"!!! Yay me!!      Now I know it's just a PCT/CNA job, but hey it gets my foot in the door right?  I've talked to several of my friends who are in the semesters ahead of me & they've all said the same thing.  "Get a job NOW".   I have one friend who said she can't even get a PCT job b/c no one will hire her b/c she's too close to graduating.  I never thought of that. Why wouldn't they want to hire you knowing that soon you'd be able to be a nurse there??  I don't know, but I am glad to have the job.    The director said she thinks the pay is $10 an hour, which is pretty decent.  I was worried they

So happy to have a small break...

Can I just say how happy I was walking out of class today?  It was about 68 degrees, the sun was shining, the wind was blowing slightly & I was officially wearing flip flops for the first time this spring and most of all I DIDN'T HAVE TO GO GET A PATIENT!!!!!!!!  I am soo super happy that I had Med/Surg as my first rotation during the cold part of the semester.  Now instead of being stuck in the hospital for the next two days (like those poor suckers who have Med/Surg now) I am FREEE to take my books to the park tomorrow & study in the gorgeous sunshine.  I can sleep in for the next two days (would have been three but I'm signed up on Thursday to work the health fair at school) and basically enjoy this spring weather.  God is so good.  Sometimes blessings come in the form of something so small as to get the rotation you really want.  Yay! I'm also loving that we have NO tests this week, unfortunately though that just means that after this week we basically have ba

You're reading my blog??

I'm always stoked when I visit other nursing blogs & see that they're followers of mine!  It's so cool to think that people get something out of this blog about my crazy life in nursing school.  I try to be as honest as I can be about my experiences.  I just noticed that Andrea did a post about her top 5 nursing blogs & mine was one of them, and I just thought that was so sweet!!  I try very hard to follow people back that are following me & I try really hard to reply to everyone's comments.  My intent is just to give an honest opinion about this road that we've chosen & hopefully it won't scare the beejeezus out of new nursling students  will inspire those about to embark on this same road.  So, basically I just want to say thanks for following my blog, that is all. :D

Med/Surg grade & interview done :)

Had my interview today for the CNA/PCT position at this really great hospital.  It's the one hospital in the area that I've never heard bad things about.  And yes I know some hospitals get a bad rap.  I felt like the interview went well, but the nurse manager was really nice.  And I don't mean she was nice because she liked me & I think I got the job, I mean I'm pretty sure she's probably like that with everyone.  The good news is though that while we were talking she did talk to me alot about the job as if I were going to be a nurse there, she had to come back around to the CNA position.  So, that made me hopeful that she was looking at me like a future nurse there.  :D  This would be a really great opportunity to get my foot in the door at this hospital.  Of course I don't know that this is where I want to work after I graduate, but hey it can't hurt having a job already lined up can it?  She said she has 2 positions open & she was interviewing 4

I have an interview!!

Guess who has an interview on Friday at 2:00 pm!! Yep, me!!    It's at a hospital in our next town over (about 15 minutes away) for a CNA position.  I'm sort of confused by the whole CNA/PCT thing.  I am hoping that these are the same positions, but even if they're not I'll just be glad to get my foot in the door.  This way I can apply for other positions as they come open AND I'll hopefully have a place to work when I graduate with my RN :)  I'm so super excited!!  And guess who else is STILL waiting on their Med/Surg grade?? Errr, yes, me :{  Did I mention how much I hate to wait?  And the worst part is that it's a freaking scantron test.  I mean yes there were extra questions but come on, how long could it take??  I heard through the grapevine that one of the teachers added some new questions to the test & they were evaluating to see if these were the questions that caught everyone up (they said the average was pretty low) & if so they

Waiting for grades STINKS!!!!!!!

Today was our 3rd (out of 4) Med/Surg test & now we wait.  I mean seriously?  If the school is trying to go paperless why are we still taking tests where we have to bubble in the answers???  Almost every other class is on the computer where you get to see your score immediately, but not Med/Surg, nooo.  So now we wait.  And on top of that, we're already waiting for our OB group project grade AND our research paper.  I mean jeez people, we're a bunch of Type A control freaks (well most of us), we NEED to know our grades!!  On a brighter note, guess who doesn't have class/clinical for the next 2 days!! Yep, me.  And next week is even better!! Next week I have NO clinical so I'll only have class Monday & Friday, woohoo!  Getting so close to the end, I can see it!!  :)