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Working & waiting...

So what has 2 months as a brand new RN taught me?  Well here goes: 1. Doctor's REALLY can be serious jerks 2. When doctor's are being serious jerks it's usually not personal, so try not to take it that way 3. Patients really do die & even though it's not your fault, you still feel like it is in some way 4. Errors CAN happen, be VERY vigilant 5. SLOW DOWN 6. If you're doing something that you're unsure of and your nursing sense starts tingling, STOP what you're doing and ask someone about it 7. It's hard to remember your patient's names when you're running around like a chicken with your head cut off 8. Once you're off orientation it's full steam ahead so if  you feel like you need more training/orienting time then say so! 9. Nurses are a cool group of people 10. TED hose really do make your legs feel SO much better after a 12 hour shift (and they sell some really cute ones too) 11. Working 3 shifts a week ROCKS!! 12. This

I passed!!!

Sorry it took me so long to post, but yes I passed the dreaded NCLEX!! I was so nervous but it really wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.  I got 141 questions & I swear around question 130 I thought "I'm the one, I'm going to get all of the questions", but luckily I wasn't, but my friend was!  Me & two of my friends took it at the same time & one finished with 75, then there was me & then the other one got all of the questions, thankfully though we all passed!!  After it was over we all came together & did "the trick" & yes it really works.  2 of my friends failed & they were able to go all the way to the credit card screen after taking the test, but everyone that passed was stopped before getting to that scree, so just in case you're wondering, yes the trick really works. So, I have been working on Med Surg now for about a month & I have to say that I have really learned some interesting things of which I will