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It's the final countdown!!

I have that song from the 80's in my head "It's the final countdown"!!  I can't believe that I now have less than 50 days until my last day of school!!!!!!!!  Woofreakinhoo!!!!!  Seriously, I am so excited.  This week I have my LAST research paper (well for my undergrad anyway) due!! Yesterday we did our LAST group project (rec'd a 95 thankyouverymuch).  While I'm so excited to be getting close to the end it's also a little bittersweet.  I have seriously come to love the majority of my class mates so much and I have to admit that I will miss seeing them on a weekly (sometimes monthly if I ditched classes) basis. I know for sure that there are several that I will stay in touch with, but then there are some that I KNOW I will never speak to again.  I mean I don't speak to them now, so why would that change? :)  But seriously, I will miss this chapter of my life.  I am so happy and proud that I have done this.  I mean I am about to have a BACHELOR