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Got my B!! But still nervous....

So, I got my B in Peds! Woohoo, but I'm still EXTREMELY nervous about my CC final!!   As a matter of fact I'm only posting on here because I'm so overwhelmed with the amount I need to study that I'm procrastinating.  Well, that & I have to get ready for work anyway.  (I seriously don't remember signing up to work today).  As I said before, I only need a 58 to pass, BUT we're talking 15 questions on heart strips & then there's the math (don't even get me started on that) & then there's 18 questions on shock.  I mean, who knew there was so much to know about freaking shock!!  And it would be ok if there was just one type of shock that we had to know about, but NOOOO there's like 5 different types & oh my goodness, I am completely freaking right now!!!!!!!!!!! My final is Tuesday at 9:00 & my nerves are steadily frying one by one.  I can feel the tension coursing though my viens.  Heck, I've even given up strivin

First Final tomorrow....

Tomorrow is my Peds final.  I only need a 73 to keep my B.  The worst test I bombed this semester (and since I started nursing school) was the first test & I missed 28 questions, but I didn't study AT ALL .  So surely I am not going to miss more than 27 questions on the final tomorrow, especially after studying ALL DAY!  The good thing about tomorrow's test is that it's on the computer so I'll know as soon as I'm finished what I got.  I hate having to WAIT for the teacher to post the grades! I can do this!!!!!!!!!  Guess I'm going to go ahead & go to bed, no sense in staying up all night.  I'll just get up early & continue in the morning before school. Pray for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Seriously going to throw up!!

In regards to my last post, I did get an A on my paper, thank you Jesus !! And I got a very high B on my test, BUT I still only have an 80 in CC, which is just a C.  Fortunately I only have to make a 58 on my final to PASS the class, but I need to make an 88 in order to get a B.....can we say nervous as a cat in a room full of rocking chairs??????             I mean I know I'm CAPABLE of making an 88 but my problem is, the final is on Tuesday and this Friday & Saturday are basically shot for studying. So that only gives me Sunday and Monday to REALLY get down to business.  I can do it right??? So here's my standing for my two classes.  Right now I have a B in Peds, I only need a 73 on the final (which is this Friday) to keep my B but I have NO chance of an A.  Even if I make 100 on the final I'll still only get a B, fortunately for me I've come to accept that B's just have to be acceptable.  And of course, I think that's completely doable.  As far