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Guess who is finally a senior?????

 That's right, ME!!!!! Monday was the start of my senior year.  I can hardly believe that it's here.  It seemed so long ago that I started this program & now it's finally getting close to the end!!  I can't wait to get finished.  And of course I'm super excited that this semester is my Peds rotation.  It's also my Critical Care rotation, which I'm not to thrilled about.  I have come to the conclusion that I really don't like sick adults that much.  Not personally of course, I mean I want them to get better.  But I am thinking that I don't really want to take care of them. Speaking of which, I am also changing departments at work.  I'm moving out of Med/Surg & into Gero pscyh.  Med/Surg doesn't have night techs & I have found that I really like nights a WHOLE lot more than days.  So I'm moving to a dept. that allows me to work evenings & nights.  I can hardly believe that I like it the way I do, but I do.  Alas, I'