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Totally skipped my summer semester!!

So I was just reading back over my last post (which got several comments thank you very much!!) and I noticed that I totally skipped posting a single thing about my Women's Health semester. Of course to give myself some credit, the summer semesters are JAMPACKED with information all into two little months. So to go back a little I'll just say I LOVED my WH clinical. I can't tell if my love stemmed from actually loving the rotation or if I was just loving actually "practicing" as a NP! My preceptor was THE BEST! Seriously, I have been so blessed so far to not only have to go on a full out man hunt for my preceptors (no you don't understand how hard that is) as well as how great my preceptors are. In WH I thankfully had an "in" as I have been friends with the office manager of an OBGYN's office for over 16 years now. When the time came she was more than gracious and helpful to me and I'll love her forever for it!! Speaking of which, now that I think about it, I need to get her a little something...lame (on my part, not hers). What I loved most about WH was how specialized it was. It was pap smears and girl parts over and over, but I could see how the continuity and the sameness (that totally is a word) would make for a knowledgeable NP. I mean if you see the same thing all day every day then you're going to know a little bit about what you're talking about. Ya know what I mean? That fits my type A personality. As I've said before, I hate flailing in the wind not knowing what I'm doing or talking about. I got to do lots of paps and manual exams and by the end I was actually able to find the cervix. I mean let's be honest, some are WAY easier to find than others. The good thing was, when we had some patients come in with complaints of hypertension or diabetes then guess what? We referred them out! Seriously, that might have been the best part. Now, one thing that actually floored me in that rotation (and in this one too actually) was how OFTEN people go in to see their gyno!! In the two months that I was there we saw several people multiple times!! Seriously? I once went THREE YEARS without getting my annual exam and these people were in here multiple times. I mean, really? I was amazed. I mean good for them for being proactive, but dang, it's the gynecologist! If I were going to pick a doctor/NP to see over and over THAT wouldn't be the one I chose! But anyhoo, all in all I really liked that rotation. At first I said I could totally see myself doing WH but then I wondered if I might get bored with that...I guess I won't know unless I do it, but for now that's not something I'm aspiring to at the moment. I'll just have to see what my other rotations bring. More to come on that subject...


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I'm still alive!! Tomorrow is the NCLEX!

So as you can see I have GRADUATED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Woohoo!!  I am SO happy that nursing school is over, but can we say holy terrified?  Tomorrow is the NCLEX & I feel thoroughly unprepared.  Fortunately our school provided us with the HURST Review  and even though I have been studying this for about 2 weeks now I still feel completely terrified to actually take the test.  Of my former classmates I know of one so far who has scary... The rest of them are chugging along & passing on a daily basis, hopefully I will be one of them! But to rewind, here are a few pics from graduation & my graduation party that my precious husband & sister threw for me: That's my baby girl to my right, she looks taller than me!   I seriously couldn't have been cheesing any harder!! My nursing bestie & his bf hiding in the back! My study buddy!   My inlaws, aren't they precious!! Definitely one of the best days of my life!

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I passed!!!

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