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Thursday, January 5, 2017


Let's talk children. In my last semester I had Peds and Policy. To be honest I wasn't really looking forward to my Peds rotation. Although children have never really been my thing, for some reason they always seem to love me. I think I was worried about the fact that I still don't feel that sure about all of the disease processes of the adult body, much less the diseases of little people. Hindsight was that I shouldn't have worried. Of course that's hindsight on basically all the classes I've taken. I have found that I've needlessly worried over each and every class for nothing. Up until this point I have gotten straight A's, well except for that B that I completely eeked out in Patho (man was that a stressful semester).

Another tidbit of advice, if there are FB pages set up for your school then go ahead and join them, they're a great place to get information. On the flip side of that though, DON'T visit them too often, and DON'T let everyone else's major anxiety get to you. It never failed throughout this program that everyone in the class before me posted about how stressed they were, or how terrible their teacher was, or how hard it was, or how they barely passed the class, and then I got in the class and it was NOWHERE near as hard as they had said. Whenever I tell this to my husband he always says that I need to put it into context. I'm an older student first of all, therefore I don't struggle that much with time management. Also, because I'm older I don't have any small children vying for my attention. Lastly and most importantly, in my program I can still get 2 C's. As of last semester my program has changed this and now there are no C's allowed in the program, but I'm grandfathered in, so I still have my 2 C's that I'm saving for these last two semesters. So, since I know I have those 2 C's to "fall back on" I don't overly stress over grades either. That plus the fact that I know I'm not going on for my DNP so I don't worry about my GPA.

Anyhoo, back to Peds. Can I just say that I LOVED peds. I loved the cute office, I loved the little chubby, ruddy cheeks. I loved everything about Peds. I loved the Pediatrician and thankfully she loved me. It was SUCH a great experience. Honestly, I could TOTALLY see myself doing Peds full time. As I've said before, I'm not that into managing chronic illnesses and this is why Peds was so great. For the most part all of the illnesses were acute, and of course there was the check-ups and vaccinations. Thankfully I didn't encounter any abuse cases during my time there, but the Pediatrician did have some stories for me. All in all I can say that I would jump at a job in Peds, but of course I haven't done Adult yet, so we'll see, maybe I'll love that too. I won't know until I try it.

Adult stars January 17th and goes through May, then it's on to MY LAST SEMESTER of NP school. I am SO ready to be DONE with school FOREVER!! The year I spent between nursing school and graduate school was the best year of my life, well not really, last year was actually the best year of my life, but that year with no school was close. I CANNOT wait to have school OFF of my back ONCE AND FOR ALL. A friend of mine is trying to talk me into going on for my DNP but I can tell you that is NOT going to happen.

Well anyway, I'm going to continue to enjoy the rest of my break, and I'll try to update once I start with Adult & let you know what I think about it.

Hope everyone had a great holidays!!


Sunday, October 9, 2016

Totally skipped my summer semester!!

So I was just reading back over my last post (which got several comments thank you very much!!) and I noticed that I totally skipped posting a single thing about my Women's Health semester. Of course to give myself some credit, the summer semesters are JAMPACKED with information all into two little months. So to go back a little I'll just say I LOVED my WH clinical. I can't tell if my love stemmed from actually loving the rotation or if I was just loving actually "practicing" as a NP! My preceptor was THE BEST! Seriously, I have been so blessed so far to not only have to go on a full out man hunt for my preceptors (no you don't understand how hard that is) as well as how great my preceptors are. In WH I thankfully had an "in" as I have been friends with the office manager of an OBGYN's office for over 16 years now. When the time came she was more than gracious and helpful to me and I'll love her forever for it!! Speaking of which, now that I think about it, I need to get her a little something...lame (on my part, not hers). What I loved most about WH was how specialized it was. It was pap smears and girl parts over and over, but I could see how the continuity and the sameness (that totally is a word) would make for a knowledgeable NP. I mean if you see the same thing all day every day then you're going to know a little bit about what you're talking about. Ya know what I mean? That fits my type A personality. As I've said before, I hate flailing in the wind not knowing what I'm doing or talking about. I got to do lots of paps and manual exams and by the end I was actually able to find the cervix. I mean let's be honest, some are WAY easier to find than others. The good thing was, when we had some patients come in with complaints of hypertension or diabetes then guess what? We referred them out! Seriously, that might have been the best part. Now, one thing that actually floored me in that rotation (and in this one too actually) was how OFTEN people go in to see their gyno!! In the two months that I was there we saw several people multiple times!! Seriously? I once went THREE YEARS without getting my annual exam and these people were in here multiple times. I mean, really? I was amazed. I mean good for them for being proactive, but dang, it's the gynecologist! If I were going to pick a doctor/NP to see over and over THAT wouldn't be the one I chose! But anyhoo, all in all I really liked that rotation. At first I said I could totally see myself doing WH but then I wondered if I might get bored with that...I guess I won't know unless I do it, but for now that's not something I'm aspiring to at the moment. I'll just have to see what my other rotations bring. More to come on that subject...

Monday, May 30, 2016

Tomorrow it is...

So tomorrow starts my fourth semester. Although I am excited (and quite a bit nervous) about starting clinicals, I have to admit that I'm still sad that my summer "break" is over...

Normally on the first day of a new semester I stalk the website & wait for all of the information to come up. Then I sit down & put all of the due dates on my calendar and start obsessing over all of the information that I have flooding my brain. But guess what I am choosing to do this time instead? Take my girl and go to the lake. Yep, you heard me & guess what else? I even thought about really rebelling and not even taking my laptop, but then sanity hit. So, even though I am taking 4 teenage girls on a small camping trip, I will still be taking my laptop & checking in with school. I mean I'm not totally crazy. I know I'll at least have the "introduction" post due, you know, the major stuff right at the beginning. We will only be gone 2 days, so I'll be back Wed. evening in plenty of time to properly stalk the webpage and get my assignments written down in my calendar. 

Just 4 more semesters & then I am HOME free!! I can't even put into words how happy I will be to never see another school book EVER again....but until that time I will do my best and keep praying for passing grades. Here's to another semester, but first the sun!!

Monday, May 23, 2016

School's OUT!

Can I just say how MUCH I am loving my tiny break from school? I have a few days to feel like a normal person again. No constant thoughts running through the back of my brain about what assignments I have due, what paper I have to write, what quiz I need to be studying for, or did I miss an assignment, was that quiz this week or last week, wait there was a quiz??!! You get my point.

These few weeks have given me the recharge I needed to plunge back into the thick of it, especially since summer semesters are particularly brutal. Trying to squeeze 17 weeks worth of content into 10 weeks is no joke. Thank goodness I'm only taking one class though. Well, one class, one clinical.

Believe it or not I actually went and bought some books to read FOR FUN! Man I miss reading for fun...I love reading. Right now I'm reading two books and although I know I probably won't finish them before the semester starts back (I mean there is still work and my child and of course several seasons of Chopped to get through on Netflix) hopefully I can read a little bit here and there once school starts. Ok who am I kidding. This semester consists of 3 days of work and 2 days of clinical each week, on top of the actual tests, posts, papers etc. Basically no summer for me, and unfortunately for my 14 year old. Maybe I can find a great spot at the lake to study...We'll see.

Oh & I'll try to keep up with blogging a little better as well :D Here's to a few more days of FREEDOM!!!

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

I'm still here...

I know I haven't posted in 500 years, but I promise I'm still here....and I'm still in NP school. Thankfully I just finished my HARDEST, most stressful semester of all of my nursing school career. This past semester I took Advanced Patho & Advanced Assessment together. Can we say, BIG mistake?? Why didn't anyone tell me how time consuming and hard these classes were? I mean yes, I realize that we're talking Patho & Assessment here, but still, a little warning would have been nice. The funny thing is, I thought I was making the best choice. I mean it was between taking Patho & Pharm together or Patho & Assessment, so naturally I thought I was making the right choice, I mean wouldn't you think so? Well, guess who was wrong, big time?? Me!!
Unfortunately, Pharm was WAY easier than I thought it would be and although assessment wasn't hard persay, it was EXTREMELY time consuming. Between the discussion boards (DBs), the write ups, the quizzes, the videos, the tests and the midterm and final, I really thought I was going to pull every one of my hairs out. Not to mention the DBs for patho, plus the quizzes & 19 page research paper. When I say stressed I'm talking me sitting with my sister in Arby's at the beginning of the semester in tears talking about how it was too hard and that I think I should drop one of the classes...Fast forward to last week when our final grades came out. As in assessment and a B in patho!!!!!!!!! Heck yeah!!!!!! One of the As was a 92.6, just BARELY made the A cutoff and my B was a 85.19, again, a B by the skin of my teeth, but WHO CARES!!!!!!! I can't even explain how happy I am to be done with that dreaded, awful, gut wrenching, blood pressure raising semester. Oh & lest you think I'm exaggerating, when I got done with my patho final (of which I was pretty sure I was going to have a nervous breakdown in the middle of) my blood pressure was 207/117!! Talk about stress. Alas, no sense in dwelling on what is done, I made it out alive and I'm moving on to my FOURTH semester.  The best thing about my fourth semester? Clinical time!!!!!!!!!! This semester (which is a summer semester) I'm only taking Women's Health. That's it. No other classes. Although I have one other pre-req type class (Policy) I didn't want to overburden myself for summer since it's a short semester. So only WH this summer. Then in the fall I am taking Peds & Policy. Then Spring will be adult and then summer is practicum and then I'M DONE!! It's so hard to believe that in a year and a half I'll actually be able to see patients!! Well, once I pass my boards...which is another stressor, but I'm not even going to THINK about that until AFTER I graduate. I mean I have enough stress on my plate without thinking about all that right?
So, one of my friends who graduates this summer (lucky dog) was talking about her job offer. She has been offered a job by her preceptor. It's a private practice setting with several NPs & maybe one PA. Anyway, the offer is this: Pay per patient assuming she will see 25 pts a day which should come out anywhere between 95-100K...and that's it!! No benefits, no malpractice insurance, no CME coverage, no paid vacation. Accascuse me?? I know I said I would take the first job I was offered, and I probably will, but I am at LEAST going to negotiate for SOME benefits. I mean even if they're not going to offer medical insurance, then a the very minimum I want those three things. I mean I've never heard of someone not even paying malpractice, PTO and CME's....I guess we'll see. Just gives me one more reason to open my own practice....I guess we'll see when the time comes.

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Christmas break...

Christmas is over but I am still basking in the break and the fact that I have no school until January 18th. Sometimes I feel so burnt out, like if I were to just stop going to school tomorrow I would be ok with that...but then I get floated to Med/Surg and I'm like "HELL TO THE NAW!!"
I seriously don't understand how floor nurses, especially Med/Surg floor nurses do it. I just couldn't see myself being a floor nurse for 30 years. There is NO way. Not too long ago I read a statistic that said the majority of new nurses were burning out and changing careers within THREE years of becoming nurses. That's crazy! Three years just barely gives you enough time to be wet behind the ears! But I can believe it. In my hospital alone I have seen almost a complete nurse turnover of the whole hospital. That means that every unit in my hospital has had major turnover, and that's not just older nurses, I'm talking even brand new nurses have left within a year of being hired. What's the problem? Well from what I see there are several things. First and foremost is STAFFING. Staffing is SUCH a huge problem. With no national nurse/patient ratio the nurses are at the mercy of the hospital administration, and you would think with the majority of them being former nurses they would make sure that we were staffed sufficiently but you would be way wrong. At my particular hospital we try to stay 5/1 on Med/Surg, but of course that doesn't always happen, and we all know from experience, the more you accept, the more they expect. Second is help!! Not only do they expect nurses to see more patients, but they expect you to see more patients with less help! I'm sorry but one CNA to 20-30 patients is NOT help. Shoot, that's if you're lucky enough to even have a CNA, and don't even get me started on what they get paid! Talk about a thankless job!! Then there's pay. To say nurses aren't paid enough is a huge understatement, especially at my hospital. I'm sorry but when a new nurse starts out at $18.00 an hour, THAT'S a problem!! I was making $18.00 an hour as an office manager 10 years ago!! I guess after all of that I can see why nurses burn out within 3 years....
So, anyhoo!! December 18th is the start of my 3rd semester, hard to believe that in January I'll only have 1 1/2 years left of school and then I'll be DONESVILLE FOREVER!! I mean a year and a half, that hardly seems possible that it's that close. I seriously can't wait though. Everyone always asks what type of nurse practitioner I want to be. Of course how can I know? That's just like with nursing, I couldn't know until I actually did it. More than likely I'll just take the first job I get and go from there. Hey, it worked with nursing :D
Well, anyhoo, just wanted to stop in & jot a little something down. I'll try to update again when it gets closer to school starting.
Have a Happy New Year!!

Sunday, October 25, 2015

So far so good...

Second semester of graduate school is going along swimmingly. So far no snags. True to what everyone suggested, I am so HAPPY that I chose pharm this semester instead of patho. Everyone in my program that I've talked to has said that patho is a beast, and I just couldn't afford that this semester. Thankfully, I heeded what everyone said and I chose pharm, which has been surprisingly easy. We just recently took our midterm and I only missed three, not too shabby. As I said in my last post, I'm also taking research as well. Another blessing. Everyone said with research it all depended on the teacher, and again, THANKFULLY I got a GREAT teacher! Something else that's different about this semester is the time. Starting my program in the summer I just assumed that every semester would be as jam packed as the summer, but it's not. The regular semesters are nowhere NEAR as packed together as the summer semester. Of course they're trying to jam 4 months into two months so makes sense right?! Honestly, I wish every semester was a short semester. I think I would be ok with the craziness if I knew that it would be for a much shorter period, but whatever. I'll do my time and be done. So far maintaining my straight A's...hopefully that will last, I guess we'll see next semester!

On a work note, I have recently transferred departments. I went from working part time in med/surg and part time in inpatient rehab to now working full time in inpatient rehab and I have to say THANK GOD!!!!!!!!!!!! I give MAD props (I'm so old) to those hard working med/surg nurses but I am DONE! I literally couldn't do one more day of med/surg, and my last day was NO BUENO! It completely sucked and I left there and felt like a 500 lb weight had been lifted off my shoulders! You know you would think that after a year and a half that I would be less and less anxious with my job, but in med/surg I felt like I was just getting more and more anxious. It just seemed like there was a never ending stream of stuff that needed to be done and I was constantly worrying if I had missed something, forgotten something, forgotten to chart something, it was just no good. So, I am happy to report that I am now a Rehab nurse and I am LOVING it!! I walk into the unit every day and feel like I am home. Rehab is like nursing heaven!

Well, that's it for now. I'll try to update again soon.