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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

I'm still alive!! Tomorrow is the NCLEX!

So as you can see I have GRADUATED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Woohoo!!  I am SO happy that nursing school is over, but can we say holy terrified?  Tomorrow is the NCLEX & I feel thoroughly unprepared.  Fortunately our school provided us with the HURST Review and even though I have been studying this for about 2 weeks now I still feel completely terrified to actually take the test. 
Of my former classmates I know of one so far who has failed....so scary...
The rest of them are chugging along & passing on a daily basis, hopefully I will be one of them!

But to rewind, here are a few pics from graduation & my graduation party that my precious husband & sister threw for me:

That's my baby girl to my right, she looks taller than me!
I seriously couldn't have been cheesing any harder!!

My nursing bestie & his bf hiding in the back!
My study buddy!
My inlaws, aren't they precious!!
Definitely one of the best days of my life!

As I said, tomorrow I take the NCLEX.  Honestly, up until I had the HURST review I really wasn't that nervous.  During the review the teacher advised us that as of 2012 they have changed the test to make it harder & the first time pass rate went from 94% to 88% (or something like that).  Um what?!
Talk about skeered, yep that's me!  BUT, the good news is that at work I have transitioned over from a tech to a graduate nurse & I have been orienting now for about two weeks, no actually longer than that.  I oriented first on the Geri psych floor where I was working & then 2 weeks ago I switched & started orienting on the Med/Surg floor of my hospital.  The first two days we were slammed, I swear I thought my legs were going to fall off!  But this past weekend I worked three days in a row & thankfully Saturday & Sunday weren't THAT bad.  I actually like working on the weekends, it is MUCH calmer...well it was this past weekend anyway.
While I was working I met a girl who graduated in May 2013 & she was in NP school.  She decided to just go straight through. She is going part time & so she has a little ways to go still. I think going part time it should take her about 3 years.  It kind of made me regret not going straight through myself, but then I think about how much I've been working & would I really want to be studying for the NCLEX, worrying about the NCLEX, orienting as a new nurse AND taking graduate classes?  Not really.  So my plan is to start next summer at the same school I got my BSN at. They offer the NP program 100% online & I think that will suit my life perfectly. 
Anyway, that's it for the update, I will try to get back here & update more about work & other things & of course I will update about my NCLEX, whether it be good or bad (hoping & praying for the good though!).  Oh, btw, I asked my boss what would happen if I failed the NCLEX & she was just like "You just take it again" you know, like no biggie.  She said that I would just continue to orient until I passed it.  And since I already got my first nurse pay raise I guess that's not too bad.  Plus, there is a nurse there who is orienting now that I found out last week had failed her NCLEX the first time & she is still orienting, so I guess it wouldn't be the end of the world, but really I just want to be DONE with it & MOVE on to other things.....
Anyway, hope everyone is doing well!!