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Monday, April 30, 2012

Boo C's....

Ok so I was worried about Health Assessment & rightfully so.  I only had a 79 going into the final.  I needed a 66 to pass, which I did.  BUT guess how close I was to pulling off a B??? ONE stupid point.  Yep.  Walked away with an 84 on the final, which put me at an 80 for the class which was just ONE point away from making a B in the class!!  Can we say disappointed?  I mean going into the test I was like "Oh if I just pass this class I'll be happy" and honestly if I had passed with like a 77 or something like that I would have been super relieved just to pass, but to be ONE point away from a B, it's a bittersweet feeling.  After talking to my nursing bestie we decided that next semester was going to be VERY different for the both of us.  Honestly we've both kind of slacked this semester for one reason or another, but next semester we have a game plan.  After every test we're going to go immediately and highlight our notes to make sure that we can focus when it comes time for finals.  There's nothing worse than having to try & narrow down 46 chapters of information.  (I know ya'll know what I'm talking about), so next semester we have big plans.

So two more finals, Patho tomorrow, which thank God is open book (although we'll still only have it to use as a  reference since it's 100 questions & we only have two hours).  And then Gero on Wed, which I'm not even worried about since I have an A in that class.  Then after it's all said & done several of us are going out to Mexican to celebrate after Gero!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Yeay!!! I'm very excited.  I've met some really nice people this semester & I can't wait to get to know them even better over the next two years. Of course after this final today we've already lost 5 people from our semester.  It'll be interesting to see who doesn't make it to next semester.  :(  Sad but true.  Reminds me of that book The Long Walk.   But I'm determined it won't be me!!

Have other news but don't time to post it right now since it's 8:45 & I haven't even started studying for Patho yet.  I'll post more later.  Hope everyone else is doing great on their finals!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

3 down, 3 to go...

So far all my papers & projects have been turned in & 2 finals have been taken.  Well, one final & one skills lab check off, yep that's right HEAD-TO-TOE baby!!  Woohoo.  Done with 100%!!  Well 99.9%, I forgot to say her pulse was strong & 2+, but other than that, I ACED that sucker!!!  I wasn't really worried though, we had gone through it several times in class & I had practiced with my shadow several times.  Got a 97 on my portfolio (whatever) and took my Professionalism final today & surely I did well enough to maintain my A in that class.  OMG, as a matter of fact I just checked it and I made 100!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I am SO psyched, especially since there were like 4 or 5 questions that I wasn't sure about.  Whoa, talk about shocked!!  So needless to say I maintained my A :D  So now I just have Patho, Health Assessment & Gero finals left, next Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday.  The only one I'm worried about is Health Assessment.  That's one of those classes where the teacher looks you dead in the face and says "You're not going to make it & neither is half of your class".  Not to me thank God, but she did say that to a student in my class.  Harsh.  So I know that even if I were to get a 74.4 in that class she would happily flunk me right out of this semester, and right now I only have a 78, which freaks me out.  But all I can do is study, study, study & seriously pray.  I can hardly believe that the end is almost here.  I don't know what I'm going to do for a WHOLE summer without school :(.  Maybe I should come up with a plan now.....I think I definitely need to go over my Patho some more & I suppose going over health assessment wouldn't hurt either......we'll see.  Do you guys study over the summer?   How is everyone else doing at the end of the semester?

Saturday, April 21, 2012


So today at 11:50 pm I have a Gero paper due.  Guess how much of it I've gotten done so far?  I've interviewed my person, THAT'S IT!  Guess how many pages everyone else's paper has turned out to be, oh somewhere in the 13-15 page range!!  So, you know what that means. I'm going to be writing a paper ALL day today and praying that it's decent and that I get a good grade on it.  Also, from what I've been hearing on FB, I guess I'll also be asking what is an Appendix (not the kind that gets large & bursts, but the kind you write on an APA paper).  Learn something new every day in nursing school, even if it  isn't about what valves are involved in APETM (Ape to Man) and why we're auscultating them with the bell and the diaphragm, and oh yeah what you're listening for WHEN you're auscultating them. Have I mentioned before how much I dislike the APA format?  Well, even that is growing on me....So today is going to be a day sitting in front of my computer, which actually isn't all that bad, assuming I don't follow the rules of "Studies for 15 minutes, earned 2 hours of internet" lol.  Ok, I'm off to get the kiddo's some breakfast so I can get rid of the extra's and get down to business.  I've already prepared my youngest that today was all about me getting my paper done.  So, here I go...

Friday, April 20, 2012


So apparently every semester we will be having a HESI exam in one of our fundamental courses.  These exams are supposed to be an indicator of whether or not we can pass the NCLEX.  Interesting.  The test was given in our Assessment class, which is probably a blessing b/c that is the class I am doing the worst in.  I have a high C average in that class, which as you all know (well most of you know) is only two points above what you need to NOT FAIL.  So I guess having the HESI in that class was a good thing seeing as I got an 86.7.  Although it didn't really bring up my grade, as it was only worth 6% of the total grade, it didn't hurt it either, but there were plenty of other people that didn't fare too well.  Several people talked about failing it and I heard of still others that BOMBED it.  So, I guess I'm just glad that I passed with a decent grade.  It's interesting b/c that's about what I got on my HESI entrance exam.  As long as I can stay in that range for the rest of the tests, hopefully that means I will pass the NCLEX with that same range :) 

So Monday is my assessment skills test, goodness gracious.  I can't believe it's here already.  I'm not too nervous though, we've gone over all of it in class, but I'm just afraid that I'm going to get in there and forget what I'm supposed to say.  Luckily my teacher is SUPER nice and down to earth, so that really helps to relieve my "performance anxiety".  Eugene is going to Alabama this weekend so it'll just be me & the kids, so I'll have plenty of time to practice on my shadow.  I love that she loves to volunteer to be my patient :) My elective class is done, turned in my final paper on Tuesday. I have one more paper in Gerontology, which I'm NOT looking forward to and then my finals.  Ok so there has been quite a bit of drama going on in our nursing class this semester, our Assessment teacher regularly sends out emails telling us how much we suck, and so many of us bombing the HESI that I'm starting to think out teachers think we're a bunch of dummies.  Why would I think that?  Well maybe b/c our Patho final is open book & our Gero final is open note.  But you know what?  I'll take it. I've got a low B in Patho right now so I'm not too terribly worried about it, but the reason I do so well is b/c the teacher throws out any questions that the majority of the class misses, so really, how can we NOT do well?  But still, we've got 46 Chapters to be tested on & let's just say that I'm not really remembering too much from the first of the semester, so yes my book is PROBABLY going to come in quite handy.  But that still leaves Assessment.  That teacher is harsh, she could care less if any of us passes, much less do anything to HELP us pass.  Thankfully she did send out a "sort of" study guide, so I'm trying to go through & figure out exactly what's going to be on the test so I can study my butt off and PRAY that I pass that class.  Just two more weeks and it will all be over!!  Well at least for the summer :)  Woohoo!!!