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Saturday, April 21, 2012


So today at 11:50 pm I have a Gero paper due.  Guess how much of it I've gotten done so far?  I've interviewed my person, THAT'S IT!  Guess how many pages everyone else's paper has turned out to be, oh somewhere in the 13-15 page range!!  So, you know what that means. I'm going to be writing a paper ALL day today and praying that it's decent and that I get a good grade on it.  Also, from what I've been hearing on FB, I guess I'll also be asking what is an Appendix (not the kind that gets large & bursts, but the kind you write on an APA paper).  Learn something new every day in nursing school, even if it  isn't about what valves are involved in APETM (Ape to Man) and why we're auscultating them with the bell and the diaphragm, and oh yeah what you're listening for WHEN you're auscultating them. Have I mentioned before how much I dislike the APA format?  Well, even that is growing on me....So today is going to be a day sitting in front of my computer, which actually isn't all that bad, assuming I don't follow the rules of "Studies for 15 minutes, earned 2 hours of internet" lol.  Ok, I'm off to get the kiddo's some breakfast so I can get rid of the extra's and get down to business.  I've already prepared my youngest that today was all about me getting my paper done.  So, here I go...


  1. I'm with ya sista! I hate APA and MLA!! What I don't get... why the heck to you need to cite the textbook to answer an essay question the textbook asks? Now come on obviously it's your lesson!

    Good luck on your paper... I have one due on the 5th for Ethics that I haven't even attempted to do yet! LOL

  2. I know, the textbook as a reference, jeez!!