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Monday, December 15, 2014

Pinning again...

This weekend my nursing bestie graduated from Nursing school! I am so proud of him! It was so neat being at pinning again, but this time in the audience. I can remember how it felt sitting there waiting to get your pin, knowing that this was the culmination of everything you had worked so hard for. I can hardly believe it's been 7 months since I was the one walking across that stage getting my beloved pin. Here is a pic of me on my way to pinning :D

It was a great night and I even got to see some of my classmates. I can't believe how much I miss all of them! We all said we need to get together soon & I plan on making that happen. I really love those people and let's be real, the only people that can truly understand the hell that you had to go through for those 2 1/2 years are the nursing peeps that went through it with you.
Speaking of being out of school, it's so weird. Being out of school and just working is such a different pace. There's no more deadlines looming over your head, you just work and come home and life goes on at, dare I say, a normal pace? It's still hard sometimes to think "Oh I don't HAVE to get this done right this minute, I can do it tomorrow" because tomorrow isn't full of studying, or writing a paper, or going to clinical or class. I mean it's just too weird, but after 7 months I'm getting used to it. Of course if all goes well (I'm still crossing my fingers) then all of that will change again in 6 months...We'll see I guess...
Oh btw, my friend that was "moonlighting" in HH has made the switch. She turned in her notice two weeks ago & she is out of here! She switched 100% to HH nursing. I can't wait to hear how it REALLY is once she actually gets into it. Me on the hand, I'm still chugging away in Med/Surg, but I'm also working half of my time right now in Rehab. One of our nurses is out of commission for a while down there, so I have been picking up shifts in that dept. I really like it, although it's a much slower pace than Med/Surg and not as much nursing going on, but change is good, and I like learning new things.
Anyhoo, that's what's been going on in this neck of the woods, not too terribly exciting, but that's ok too.
I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!