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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Getting a job....

Ok so, so far in my schooling career (well the nursing school part anyway) I have not had to work.  I have been blessed to be able to draw unemployment since I started school, but it looks like that might be ending soon, in which case I will need to get a job.  Since school next semester is M, T, W, (some Thursday's), F, that means it'll probably be better for me to find a weekend job, which is fine, I don't mind working BUT what I'm worried about is that this next semester coming up is our hardest semester.  It's the semester that everyone says NOT to work during, it's our MAIN weedout semester.  I know that a lot of people have to work, so that's not feasible for everyone, but everyone ahead of us that we talk to says if at all possible, DON'T work during 3rd semester.  I am kind of bummed because I was hoping that my unemployment would juuuuuust squeak by & get me through 3rd semester & then I was planning on getting a job anyway.  Anyhoo, my point is, getting a job, what should I do? 

Last summer I went through my CNA class & so now all I have to do is go & take the test to be able to work as a CNA, but we all know how I feel about working in LTC facilities.  Can I work in a hospital as a CNA?  If so, what would I be doing & do you make more $ working in a hospital?  I think Zazzy does this....Then of course there's always waitressing.  I was a waitress for about 7 years before I got into the medical field & I always made good money, plus it's a pretty brainless job, no stress, you just do your job, get your tips & go home.  Also, I have to consider who would be willing to work around my school schedule. 

So my question is, did you/do you work while in nursing school & if so doing what and for how many hours a week? 

Thanks for the input!!

Friday, November 23, 2012

How cute is this for a button?

So I've seen everyone with "buttons" for their blog & I want one too!  I'm not really sure how to make one, but this is the picture I want to use for it.  Isn't it cute!! We'll see how it turns out. 

**After an hour & a half working on it, I gave up** 

If any of my nice friends that know HOW to make a button would like to make one for me as a Christmas present I would soo appreciate it :D I wanted to put the title at the bottom so that I didn't cover up the scissors.

Friday, November 16, 2012

First clinical DONE & Roll Tide!

Yesterday was the last day of my first clinical and I can say with 110% assurance, that LTC is NOT where I want to work.  Basically all the nurses did ALL day was pass meds.  I mean seriously?  I honestly feel like working in that environment that I would lose just about any real nursing skills I had learned.  And not to offend anyone in that field, but really what good is going to school to learn ALL of this information to then just stand at a med cart & hand out meds all day?  Uh, no thank you!

I am so happy to have that part over & done with, and not because I didn't enjoy it, clinicals are actually my favorite part, but just because I am ready to move on!  Next semester is Med/Surg & OB & I can't wait to be in an actual hospital, doing real clinical stuff.  I am totally going to feel like a real nurse at that point (well 1/8 of a real nurse)!! I'm so excited that there's no break in between!

So the countdown to the end of my 2nd semester in nursing school is on.  Here's what I have left to do by December 11, which is our last day:

Critique 2 articles (1 quantitative, 1 qualitative) for Research  (11/24 - Got a 10/10!)
Turn said articles into a group project poster
Present our group pharm project (Ugh) (Went swimmingly!)
Make a concept map based on one of our clinical patient's dx (11/24 - Got a 10/10!)
Take our finals

That's not bad right?  I am SO excited that I am almost through with my 2nd semester! Next semester I'll be halfway DONE with nursing school.  I can't wait!!!!!!  Of course I'm kind of nervous too b/c next semester is when most people drop/flunk out.  It's our main "weed out" semester, & it kind of has me slightly terrified....

Oh well, all I can do is just do it!

Hope everyone has a great weekend.  My fam & I are heading to Tuscaloosa to watch Alabama play, ROLL TIDE BABY!!!!!!!!


Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Time keeps on slipping, slipping, slipping....

into the future...." I couldn't help myself :)
It's so weird when I look at the time keeper on the side of my blog, and watch as it just keeps getting less & less.  I think when I first put it on there I had like 800 something days before I graduate & now it's already down into the 500's!! Can you believe that many days have gone by since I've been in school?  I can't!!
I was talking to my nursing bestie yesterday & we were talking about the upcoming semesters & I was blabbing on & I said something about two more summers & he goes "We only have this summer left with no school".  What?!  Can it be I only have one torturous summer left!! ?  Yes for those of you that don't know, I don't like the fact that our school doesn't go straight through the summers like some other programs.  So I was very excited to realize that this will be my LAST summer of freedom!! Don't get me wrong, I loves me some summers.  I mean who doesn't love days that are longer, lounging at the beach (on the lake), riding in boats, tubing, swimming & getting their tan on?  I certainly do!  But I also feel like as a nurse working 12 hr shifts that I will still be able to do all of those things on my off days.  When I read other nursing blogger's blogs it seems like they all lead very full lives outside of their jobs & that is just one more reason why nursing appeals to me.

Speaking of school.  Guess who got their very first OFFICIAL F yesterday?? Yep, you guessed it, ME!!  It was in Intro & it was on Bowel/Urinary elimination/Oxygenation/Circulation/Pain/Stress & Coping.  Guess who only studied for MAYBE four hours the night before the test?  Ok, obviously you know it was me.  So, while everyone else was complaining about how bad they did & how long they studied, I just chalked it up to, me being a complete procrastinator & realized that next test I will HAVE to do better.  So far with that grade bringing me down, I now am sitting at a 75 in that class and besides the fact that I CAN'T afford a C in that class (it's a 5 hour class for Pete's sake!), 75 is JUUUUST passing.  As I'm sure most of you know, 74 = failing (well at least in all the program's I know of).  Am I teensy bit stressed?  Honestly?  Only a tiny bit.  I don't have any doubt that I will do MUCH better on the final, plus we have other little things the professor's have built in to boost our grades, so I can't say that I'm that worried, but dang it if I didn't paint myself into a pretty little corner.  As I said, I CAN'T get a C.  I HAVE to have at least a 3.0 to get into the master's program that I'm looking at, but a 3.2 would give me a much better chance.  So guess which girl is going to be studying her buttumpkus off for the final?  Seriously I don't know why I keep making you guess.
Anyhoo, my kids are at school & my hubby is at work so it's time for me to get some serious school work done.  Heading up to the library right now.  Does anyone else feel like they get much more done when they're at the library?  I'm thinking I should seriously give my computer room a "library" makeover.  Kind of hard to do when my husband's weight lifting equipment is in here, but maybe I could move that to the spare bedroom & do it.  I think that would be great, maybe a project for Christmas break in between semesters?  Come back next semester with my own little cozy library room.  Then maybe I could stay home & get some stuff done?  Hmmm, worth considering.
Ok, hope you all have a great rest of the week.  Oh btw, tomorrow is my LAST clinical of the semester, WOOHOOOOO!! So excited to get that done!!


Saturday, November 10, 2012

Yay for miscalculations!!

So last night as I was taking my Research test and working on my care plan for Intro I got to thinking about my grades.  I thought I had 2 high C's & an A, but after talking to my friends about adding in the extra little points that we get for doing small assignments, I decided to actually calculate my grades. Lo & behold I have now have 2 B's & an A yay!!  And the B's are actually pretty high, so if I can pull off some much better test scores for the next couple of tests then I think I can actually pull straight A's this semester!  And boy do I need it.  Yesterday at lunch I was talking to two of my nursing friends & we started talking about getting into school.  We all agreed that NONE of us got in based on our GPA's.  The minimum GPA to get into our program is 2.8.  At our table, my bestie Gregory had 2.8, I had 2.9 & my friend Kristina had a 3.0.   Now mind you my GPA was so low b/c they averaged in my grades from when I went to school 1000 years ago & I didn't give a crap about school back then.  The year & a half that I had to take my pre-reqs I actually had like a 3.5 GPA :(.  So right now as it stands I think I have a 2.894, but I NEED a 3.2 by the time I graduate.  Most of the schools I'm interested in for my master's program require at LEAST a 3.0 to get in, but the one I'm heavily leaning toward you need a 3.2 in order to even have a fair chance.  BUT if you have a 3.2 AND passing scores on the GRE then you are automatically accepted.  Sooo, I am shooting for a 3.2 by the time I graduate.  Of course if you have the 3.2 you don't have to take the GRE, but if I can pass the GRE along with my 3.2 & get automatic acceptance, then heck I might as well at least try to take it.  Even if I don't get the required scores it won't hurt me.  

Anyhoo, back to school.  The social dynamics of school are very interesting, I see groups forming & reforming all the time.  In our 2nd semester I have talked to MANY more people that I never talked to last semester and have even been put into groups that I would have NEVER picked myself.  It makes me wonder though, how many of these people will I ever really talk to again once we graduate?  In my pre-reqs I made 2 very good friends.  We studied together EVERY week, sometimes twice a week, but after we left we hardly ever talked to each other again.  I just heard from one of them the other day, but it had been almost a year.  Of course I told her that we needed to get together & I do mean it, I really enjoyed our friendship & we all really helped each other get through school.  It's just interesting that people can be so much a part of your life for a short period of time & then nothing.

Anyway, guess I need to get on & start my study guide for Tuesday's Intro test.  Gotta make at LEAST a B on this one to bring my grade up.  I NEEDS me 3 A's this semester!!

Hope everyone has a great weekend.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Classes cancelled...

So drove all the way to school today for my 2 classes only to have them cancelled because the power was out.  The bad part is that classes were cancelled and we all left around 9 am and guess what time the power came on?  RIGHT AFTER WE LEFT!!  So, not only did I waste time, which is ok, but I wasted money & gas, which is way more expensive than my time!! :(  Ugh...I wish I didn't live so far from campus...

Anyhoo, I'm getting close to the end of the semester & things are coming up, namely group projects.  Can I just say how much I detest group projects?  Well, actually that's not true.  I only dislike the group projects where you don't get to pick your groups.

Conquering Group Projects

This semester we have 2 group projects due.  One is in Pharm, which luckily we have a great group for that one.  The other is in Research & it's not that that group sucks, it's just that we all have a really hard time making a group decision & I already told Gregory that I REFUSED to step up & be the leader.  It seems like I always end up being the leader of my groups & I just was NOT going to do that this time.  Luckily in our Pharm group we pretty much all just contribute no problem.  The other thing I don't like about group projects is that the other people don't do it exactly as you would do it and for Type A, anal personalities, it is a teensy bit nerve wracking.  I mean you look at the PP & think, hm, I probably would have done it like this...but I guess you just have to let it go and thank God that someone in your group first of all, knows how to do a PP, and 2nd offered to do it! I am LOST when it comes to making PP's.  I've never made one before & so I'm always thankful when someone else knows how to do it.  The only good thing about doing group presentations is that the class gets to "grade" each other & we're all usually pretty lenient.  I mean we want to help each other out as much as possible....well most of us do.

So, this conversation brings me to Research.   Does anyone else have to take this class??  Can I just say how boring I think this class is?  I seriously think they should make this an elective class, for those people who are actually thinking about pursuing research, which ain't me!! If I wanted to sit behind a desk all day reading a bunch of articles then I would have stayed as an office manager.  No thanks!! I want to get all one on one with  my patient's.

Well, anyhoo, I guess I'm about to head up to the library & do some studying so that the day isn't a total bust.....

Hope everyone else has a great week!!

***Addendum - I do realize that research is much needed & that as nurses we use evidence based practices with our patient's, what I mean about not wanting to do research is that I don't want to do it full time & I don't care about the difference between Simple Random Sampling & Stratified Random Sampling.  I DO think we need to practice based on the latest research that comes out though :D