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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Getting a job....

Ok so, so far in my schooling career (well the nursing school part anyway) I have not had to work.  I have been blessed to be able to draw unemployment since I started school, but it looks like that might be ending soon, in which case I will need to get a job.  Since school next semester is M, T, W, (some Thursday's), F, that means it'll probably be better for me to find a weekend job, which is fine, I don't mind working BUT what I'm worried about is that this next semester coming up is our hardest semester.  It's the semester that everyone says NOT to work during, it's our MAIN weedout semester.  I know that a lot of people have to work, so that's not feasible for everyone, but everyone ahead of us that we talk to says if at all possible, DON'T work during 3rd semester.  I am kind of bummed because I was hoping that my unemployment would juuuuuust squeak by & get me through 3rd semester & then I was planning on getting a job anyway.  Anyhoo, my point is, getting a job, what should I do? 

Last summer I went through my CNA class & so now all I have to do is go & take the test to be able to work as a CNA, but we all know how I feel about working in LTC facilities.  Can I work in a hospital as a CNA?  If so, what would I be doing & do you make more $ working in a hospital?  I think Zazzy does this....Then of course there's always waitressing.  I was a waitress for about 7 years before I got into the medical field & I always made good money, plus it's a pretty brainless job, no stress, you just do your job, get your tips & go home.  Also, I have to consider who would be willing to work around my school schedule. 

So my question is, did you/do you work while in nursing school & if so doing what and for how many hours a week? 

Thanks for the input!!


  1. That is a really tough question.
    I honestly am amazed at the people in my class who work AND have kiddos AND go to school. They are awesome! And are some of the most outstanding, hard-working people I know. You clearly have the smarts and determination to make it work, although I'm sure it won't be easy. Who needs sleep, right? :P
    Around where I live (San Antonio, TX) CNA's make around $10-$12 an hour (slightly more if you work nights and weekends), but I'm not sure what the average is for the restaurant biz, it seems to vary a lot. Some people talk about making $500 in a night and some making hardly anything some nights, it's probably less stress, but (at least around here) a little more difficult to predict. I suppose it would really depend on the establishment.
    I plan on doing an externship the last two semesters of school, so you'll have to let me know how it goes!!
    I'm sorry I can't be more help, but what I can say for sure is I know you'll be able to make it work no matter what :)
    Your new button is adorbs!

    1. Thanks for the complement about my button, it's still not perfect but it will do for now. As for work, I am still holding out hope that my unemployment doesn't run out for at least 4 more months, but if so then I'll do what I have to do....Thanks for the words of encouragement!

  2. My recommendation (as a former nursing school instructor and now preceptor to NP students)--try to find a CNA job in a hospital. Most hospitals are pretty accommodating of nursing students' schedules. The experience you will gain working in that setting will be invaluable as you move through your program. There will be nurses who will let you do "more" because they know you are a student (I was one of those nurses). My best students have always been the ones with bedside experience. It will make you less afraid to approach the patient, more confident in your assessment skills, and you may have job opportunities waiting for you when you graduate!

    1. Well all of that sounds great. I agree that working in the hospital environment will only help to grow my knowledge so that's probably the route I will try to take.