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Friday, November 16, 2012

First clinical DONE & Roll Tide!

Yesterday was the last day of my first clinical and I can say with 110% assurance, that LTC is NOT where I want to work.  Basically all the nurses did ALL day was pass meds.  I mean seriously?  I honestly feel like working in that environment that I would lose just about any real nursing skills I had learned.  And not to offend anyone in that field, but really what good is going to school to learn ALL of this information to then just stand at a med cart & hand out meds all day?  Uh, no thank you!

I am so happy to have that part over & done with, and not because I didn't enjoy it, clinicals are actually my favorite part, but just because I am ready to move on!  Next semester is Med/Surg & OB & I can't wait to be in an actual hospital, doing real clinical stuff.  I am totally going to feel like a real nurse at that point (well 1/8 of a real nurse)!! I'm so excited that there's no break in between!

So the countdown to the end of my 2nd semester in nursing school is on.  Here's what I have left to do by December 11, which is our last day:

Critique 2 articles (1 quantitative, 1 qualitative) for Research  (11/24 - Got a 10/10!)
Turn said articles into a group project poster
Present our group pharm project (Ugh) (Went swimmingly!)
Make a concept map based on one of our clinical patient's dx (11/24 - Got a 10/10!)
Take our finals

That's not bad right?  I am SO excited that I am almost through with my 2nd semester! Next semester I'll be halfway DONE with nursing school.  I can't wait!!!!!!  Of course I'm kind of nervous too b/c next semester is when most people drop/flunk out.  It's our main "weed out" semester, & it kind of has me slightly terrified....

Oh well, all I can do is just do it!

Hope everyone has a great weekend.  My fam & I are heading to Tuscaloosa to watch Alabama play, ROLL TIDE BABY!!!!!!!!



  1. Having worked in LTC for over year... yeah I could have told you that. I popped, crushed and passed more pills than I can ever imagine. It was the same thing day in and day out... even though I loved my coworkers and most of my residents, it was a mind suck, that was for sure. It did help me with Pharmacology though!

    Having said that... I think LTC is the worst place to have to spend a semester in nursing school! You will have a much better time once you get into the hospital for clinicals.

    1. Yeah after finishing it I can see that they just use it a "practice" to get us used to being with patients. I mean we seriously did nothing that truly affected these patient's care. It was just a semester to get us ready to do care plans & get comfortable with patients. BORING!! The whole reason I got into nursing (ok well one of the reasons) was b/c I DIDN'T want to do the same thing day in & day out, I go insane in those types of jobs. Come on December 11th!!

  2. i thought our rotation through psych clinicals was borring too!
    ALL the nurses do is give meds and talk to (babysit) patients. for the most part, we followed the social workers around. waste of time in my opinion.
    the hospital is where all the action is!!!
    i feel the same way and that is why i'm not considering working in any doctor's office. i need to practice my skills in a hospital setting.