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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Time keeps on slipping, slipping, slipping....

into the future...." I couldn't help myself :)
It's so weird when I look at the time keeper on the side of my blog, and watch as it just keeps getting less & less.  I think when I first put it on there I had like 800 something days before I graduate & now it's already down into the 500's!! Can you believe that many days have gone by since I've been in school?  I can't!!
I was talking to my nursing bestie yesterday & we were talking about the upcoming semesters & I was blabbing on & I said something about two more summers & he goes "We only have this summer left with no school".  What?!  Can it be I only have one torturous summer left!! ?  Yes for those of you that don't know, I don't like the fact that our school doesn't go straight through the summers like some other programs.  So I was very excited to realize that this will be my LAST summer of freedom!! Don't get me wrong, I loves me some summers.  I mean who doesn't love days that are longer, lounging at the beach (on the lake), riding in boats, tubing, swimming & getting their tan on?  I certainly do!  But I also feel like as a nurse working 12 hr shifts that I will still be able to do all of those things on my off days.  When I read other nursing blogger's blogs it seems like they all lead very full lives outside of their jobs & that is just one more reason why nursing appeals to me.

Speaking of school.  Guess who got their very first OFFICIAL F yesterday?? Yep, you guessed it, ME!!  It was in Intro & it was on Bowel/Urinary elimination/Oxygenation/Circulation/Pain/Stress & Coping.  Guess who only studied for MAYBE four hours the night before the test?  Ok, obviously you know it was me.  So, while everyone else was complaining about how bad they did & how long they studied, I just chalked it up to, me being a complete procrastinator & realized that next test I will HAVE to do better.  So far with that grade bringing me down, I now am sitting at a 75 in that class and besides the fact that I CAN'T afford a C in that class (it's a 5 hour class for Pete's sake!), 75 is JUUUUST passing.  As I'm sure most of you know, 74 = failing (well at least in all the program's I know of).  Am I teensy bit stressed?  Honestly?  Only a tiny bit.  I don't have any doubt that I will do MUCH better on the final, plus we have other little things the professor's have built in to boost our grades, so I can't say that I'm that worried, but dang it if I didn't paint myself into a pretty little corner.  As I said, I CAN'T get a C.  I HAVE to have at least a 3.0 to get into the master's program that I'm looking at, but a 3.2 would give me a much better chance.  So guess which girl is going to be studying her buttumpkus off for the final?  Seriously I don't know why I keep making you guess.
Anyhoo, my kids are at school & my hubby is at work so it's time for me to get some serious school work done.  Heading up to the library right now.  Does anyone else feel like they get much more done when they're at the library?  I'm thinking I should seriously give my computer room a "library" makeover.  Kind of hard to do when my husband's weight lifting equipment is in here, but maybe I could move that to the spare bedroom & do it.  I think that would be great, maybe a project for Christmas break in between semesters?  Come back next semester with my own little cozy library room.  Then maybe I could stay home & get some stuff done?  Hmmm, worth considering.
Ok, hope you all have a great rest of the week.  Oh btw, tomorrow is my LAST clinical of the semester, WOOHOOOOO!! So excited to get that done!!



  1. Time flies, and yes you need to move the weight equipment and get a study place for yourself.