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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

LOOONG day at work...

So yesterday I worked my first shift alone and by alone I mean not "orienting" anymore.  I had the whole 2nd floor to myself & man was I busy!! I mean the only time I had to sit down during my whole shift was during lunch, I was slammed!  The good thing about that though was that the day flew by.  And I have to say that I actually enjoyed it.  Although I was pretty sore this morning it wasn't like my 1st day off where everything hurt, this morning it was really only my back that was hurting. I was scheduled to work this morning as well but I got a call at 5 am saying that I was put on call.  I guess that's what they do when they have low census.  Bummer b/c that means that I'll only get one day this week & I was hoping on at least 2.  Oh well. I scheduled myself to work Monday which is Memorial Day, so hopefully I'll get holiday pay for that day.  I like this whole deal of getting to schedule my days, but it's hard to schedule your days when you don't know what you have coming up.  Anyhoo, like I said I actually enjoyed my day yesterday.  The charge nurse was really sweet & my patient's were great.  I was actually disappointed that I wouldn't get to see them again today, but I still don't know if I would like to work in this hospital once I get my license.  I guess I'll just have to see when the time gets closer. 

No work this weekend, my baby girl & I are off on a mommy/daughter camping trip that I am totally looking forward to. I'll try to take some pics & post them on here. 

I hope everyone else has a great weekend & a great Memorial Day!!

Monday, May 20, 2013

One week down...

So my first week of work is done & I have to say, this job seriously stinks. I mean I knew what this job would entail but boy am I thankful that this will only be for a year.  I DO NOT understand how people do this job for years.  And furthermore I don't understand how nurses CHOOSE to pick up tech shifts, uh no thank you! If I needed extra shifts that bad I would just find another job in a different place. I can pretty much promise that once I become a RN I will NOT be picking up tech shifts for extra money, that's seriously cray cray.   Also, I don't understand how these nurses can work at the same place for 35 years.  Talk about BORING.  Again, no thank you.  Of course I don't plan on doing floor nursing for any longer than it takes me to get my NP license, but even if I were planning on being a floor nurse, it wouldn't be in Med/Surg and it DEFINITELY wouldn't be in Med/Surg at this hospital.  At least in the hospital where we do our clinicals there's a rehab floor where they send all the long term, really acute patients.  But where I work there's only 2 Med/Surg floors & basically the 2nd floor is kind of like LTC.  THAT for 35 years, HEEEECK NO!! And lastly working on these types of patients has just about secured the thought that I do NOT want to do adults. 

When I graduate next May my initial thought was to get my FNP so that I would be able to apply to a wide variety of jobs, but after this week (and yes it's only taken me a week to come to this conclusion) I can pretty much say that I think I'm going to be going for my PNP instead.  Every opportunity that I can think of that I might be interested in (ER, Critical Care, opening my own practice etc.) I can do with Peds.  I mean half of the population is children right?  Either way all I know is that this job looks good on my resume & it provides a paycheck.  Thank goodness it's only for a year!!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Oh my aching...EVERYTHING!

Can I just say how SORE I am?? These 2 twelve hour shifts were NO joke!  Sure I thought maybe my feet would be sore, but I didn't take into account my back and my calves.  I  mean I seriously feel like I have walked 500 miles.  My poor body is like wth is going on here?  I was talking to my nursing bestie (he just got an extern job also) & he said "Do you think you could do another day tomorrow?" & I  was like "NO!!"  Of course I know I COULD  do another day tomorrow & work 3 in a row, but I wouldn't WANT to.  He's trying to get as many hours as possible this summer & so he wants to try to work at least 4 days.  Fortunately for him, he's 10 years younger than me, weighs much less & he's a waiter, so he's already used to being on his feet all day running like a chicken with its head cut off.  But my poor body can't even remember my waitress days.  They were a LONG time ago & I haven't done this type of work since then.  I've been a desk jockey for so long I had forgotten how physical this was.  Luckily I have these 2 days off & then I am working Friday & Saturday.  I believe working Saturday will put me into overtime.  As a matter of fact I think I'll text my boss just to make sure.  That plus the shift diff for working on Saturday (which I'm still not sure what that is) is the only reason I decided to do 4 days this week.  Whew, this is for sure going to take some getting used to!!

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Summer has officially begun!

I finally got all of my paperwork turned in and I am DONE with 3rd semester.   It's so weird to not have anything to study.  My niece called me yesterday & asked what I was doing & I swear I almost said "Studying".   But instead I said "Nothing", how glorious is that?   So now it's time to make some money!   I am really looking forward to starting my job on Monday.  All last week was just orientation, so Monday will be my first "real" day.  It will be my first day of working a 12 hour shift too. That should be interesting.
It's funny too, since I haven't worked in a corporate setting in a while I had forgotten how many "rules & regulations" they have.  While I was sitting in orientation listening to all of it I was thinking "And THIS is why I want to go into practice for myself".  Not that I won't have rules & regs in my practice, but I will be able to make my own rules (to a certain extent).  If I'm sick I won't have to worry about getting a "point" or if I clock in ONE MINUTE late, I won't have to worry about if I'm going to get in trouble or not.  Of course I don't ever call in sick & I'm usually early instead of late, but it's just the point. I can't wait to own my own practice/partnership one day.  That is my whole reason for going into nursing in the first place. 
Anyhoo, it's summer once again & with no school until August 28th it's time for a whole lot of R & R, making moolah & just plain relaxing.  Bring it on!! 
What do you guys have planned for the summer?

***BTW  I didn't realize I had word verification on (I HATE that).  I think I turned it off.  Can you let me know if it's still on??  Thanks!***

Tuesday, May 7, 2013


Woofreakinhoo people!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am OFFICIALLY done with the DREAD 3rd semester & I didn't come out too bad, although unfortunately I can't say that for everyone!! :( 

End result, 2 B's.  Med/Surg is officially DONE!!!!!!!!!!!! And although I am VERY happy to be done with this semester & finally on the downhill slope of nursing school I am also a wee bit sad because I lost my nursing bestie this semester..... He ended up failing Med/Surg by .5 points!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can you believe that??? What makes it even more sucky is that next semester our school days won't even be the same, so it's going to feel like we never get to see each other.....Boo.

But, we will power through and we're still going to talk every night and every day (like 3 or 4 times a day), I mean this semester we were in different rotations & that never stopped us. 

Anyhoo, onto our FIRST end of the 3rd semester celebration.  Like I said, we have a tradition after every semester we go to this mexican restaurant to celebrate & this semester was no different.  Then after that the majority of us ended up going to one of our classmates apartment & continuing the party there.  Needless to say it was mucho FUN and yes I have pics.  So without further ado, here are some pics of our FIRST celebration.  The main one will be Thursday night & I can't WAIT!!

This is the majority of our class. Do you see me in the very back?

Needless to say many drinks were had & it was a GREAT time.  Expect more pics from Thursday's partay!! :D

Friday, May 3, 2013

More news about my new job...

Yesterday I got a call from my new boss & we got to talking about my start date.  Of course there's orientation to start with and all that jazz.  We decided I could start Tuesday since my last final was Monday, which I am SUPER excited about (starting work, not my final)! I can't wait to get started & finally get some moolah! BUT the really good news is, during our conversation we got to talking about the job and its scope of practice.  Well I thought it was just your regular CNA job, which we all know what that entails.  And because of that I had still been applying at the hospital where I do my clinicals at for an extern position.  I liked the fact that this job was closer to my house, but I wanted the extra experience that an extern gets b/c of their broader scope of practice.  So as we were discussing orientation, that came up.  She said "You're going to be the only nurse tech we have!".  At this point I was like "Say what Willis?"  My first thought was that she meant I was going to be the only CNA that they have, not cool.  So I said "I'm going to be the only nurse tech that you guys have in the whole hospital?" And she said "Yes!  A nurse tech gets to do more than a CNA because you're in nursing school, you'll have a broader scope of practice and get to do more things like Foley's, enemas, and possibly IV sticks, I have to check on that one" and I about jumped for joy!! She said that right now I was the only nursing student she has working as a CNA (which is what she meant when she said I'd be the only one.)  She did say though that she had a med student who was working there as a CNA as well, so she gets to do more stuff too.  So basically what I thought was just your regular old CNA job has turned into a nurse extern job!!!!!!!!!!!!  I'm SUPER DUPER excited about this, and I'm so thankful to my God who blesses me so abundantely even though I seriously DON'T deserve it!!  I mean I was excited to start before, but now even more so!!  Isn't that great?! :) 

Oh, she also said we could wear black scrubs, lol.  We were talking about the scrubs & she said they don't have a policy on what to wear.  She said that she's from California & there they have a high Laotian population & b/c of that they weren't allowed to wear black scrubs (to them it represented death, which I can totally understand) but that we could.  I guess I can see how it's sort of macabre, but come on black scrubs are slimming right! ;-)  We'll see.  For now I'll be wearing my gross school whites & the hideous red ones I had to wear when I took my CNA class.  But my first paycheck I'm ordering some better ones!! I guess I could always mix & match my red & white ones & go as a Valentine, lol. 

Thursday, May 2, 2013

HESI sufficiently TROUNCED!!

Ok so maybe trounced is a bit strong, seeing as 2 people in our class walked away with 99's!!!  But I'd still say getting an 87 is still pretty good!! And not just on any old HESI, but on a Pharm HESI at that!! I'll take that any day of the week.  So now that brings my grades as a high B in OB & a mid B in Med/Surg.  I would LOOVE to get an A in OB, but you know what?  I'd be happy walking away with 2 B's again this semester. 

Tomorrow is our OB final & Lordy Bejordy it feels like there is SO much information being covered, but then when I start studying for it, it feels like common sense.  I hate when that happens.   I mean I know it's not common sense, but since we've gone over it once already I feel like I already know it & then I don't want to study for it & then when that happens, well you know the rest.  But, I guess I am going to force myself to study for it & hopefully I can get an A :)  The highest I've gotten on any test in that class has been an 82, which is the lowest grade you can get to still be considered a B. Sooo, it's all hopeful thinking from here. 

Anyhoo, how is everyone else doing with finals??

Oh & just for fun, here is a pic of one of my classmates.  This is what we were doing after the HESI.  Well he was, I was just laughing & taking pics.