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Monday, May 20, 2013

One week down...

So my first week of work is done & I have to say, this job seriously stinks. I mean I knew what this job would entail but boy am I thankful that this will only be for a year.  I DO NOT understand how people do this job for years.  And furthermore I don't understand how nurses CHOOSE to pick up tech shifts, uh no thank you! If I needed extra shifts that bad I would just find another job in a different place. I can pretty much promise that once I become a RN I will NOT be picking up tech shifts for extra money, that's seriously cray cray.   Also, I don't understand how these nurses can work at the same place for 35 years.  Talk about BORING.  Again, no thank you.  Of course I don't plan on doing floor nursing for any longer than it takes me to get my NP license, but even if I were planning on being a floor nurse, it wouldn't be in Med/Surg and it DEFINITELY wouldn't be in Med/Surg at this hospital.  At least in the hospital where we do our clinicals there's a rehab floor where they send all the long term, really acute patients.  But where I work there's only 2 Med/Surg floors & basically the 2nd floor is kind of like LTC.  THAT for 35 years, HEEEECK NO!! And lastly working on these types of patients has just about secured the thought that I do NOT want to do adults. 

When I graduate next May my initial thought was to get my FNP so that I would be able to apply to a wide variety of jobs, but after this week (and yes it's only taken me a week to come to this conclusion) I can pretty much say that I think I'm going to be going for my PNP instead.  Every opportunity that I can think of that I might be interested in (ER, Critical Care, opening my own practice etc.) I can do with Peds.  I mean half of the population is children right?  Either way all I know is that this job looks good on my resume & it provides a paycheck.  Thank goodness it's only for a year!!

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