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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Summer has officially begun!

I finally got all of my paperwork turned in and I am DONE with 3rd semester.   It's so weird to not have anything to study.  My niece called me yesterday & asked what I was doing & I swear I almost said "Studying".   But instead I said "Nothing", how glorious is that?   So now it's time to make some money!   I am really looking forward to starting my job on Monday.  All last week was just orientation, so Monday will be my first "real" day.  It will be my first day of working a 12 hour shift too. That should be interesting.
It's funny too, since I haven't worked in a corporate setting in a while I had forgotten how many "rules & regulations" they have.  While I was sitting in orientation listening to all of it I was thinking "And THIS is why I want to go into practice for myself".  Not that I won't have rules & regs in my practice, but I will be able to make my own rules (to a certain extent).  If I'm sick I won't have to worry about getting a "point" or if I clock in ONE MINUTE late, I won't have to worry about if I'm going to get in trouble or not.  Of course I don't ever call in sick & I'm usually early instead of late, but it's just the point. I can't wait to own my own practice/partnership one day.  That is my whole reason for going into nursing in the first place. 
Anyhoo, it's summer once again & with no school until August 28th it's time for a whole lot of R & R, making moolah & just plain relaxing.  Bring it on!! 
What do you guys have planned for the summer?

***BTW  I didn't realize I had word verification on (I HATE that).  I think I turned it off.  Can you let me know if it's still on??  Thanks!***


  1. Thank you for turning that off!! :)

    Isn't it great not tohave to worry about tests and papers! It is such a huge load of stress off! Have a wonderful summer, and Enjoy your new job.

  2. OH, time to RELAX a little, huh ;)

    hope you have a good restful time before you have to start studying Non Stop again!

  3. Just found your blog, will read more as I have a week off before summer semester starts. I am in a 14 month second BSN program, done after the summer. Look forward to reading your blog! Enjoy the break.

    1. Thanks!! Glad to have you at my little ol' blog :)