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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Everything is A ok!

So I had my clandestine meeting with my instructor (kidding, it wasn't clandestine at all, it was scheduled & very nerve wracking) & everything went just fine.  WAY better than I was expecting it to, thank God!!  Can't really say what that's all about, but just happy that it went well.

School is trucking along nicely.  Can you believe I only have ONE more week of Med/Surg clinical left???  Then it's 6 weeks of OB & then summa time!!! I am SOOO psyched!  Surprisingly though, I'm kind of liking this semester.  I mean to go from 6 classes in first semester, to 3 classes plus a clinical last semester, to only having 2 lectures & one clinical at a time this semester. To me, this pace is soooo much easier than what we've had previously. 

Now getting up at 5:00 am to make it to clinicals.  I have to say that hasn't been all that great, especially 2 days in a row, whew have I been tired.  But so far so good on my tests.  In OB I've pulled 2 B's & unfortunately in Med/Surg I landed a stupid C.  What really sucked about the C was that it was only ONE FREAKING POINT away from being a B!!!  Ugh!! My next Med/Surg test is this Monday & I see LOTS of studying in my immediate future (meaning this whole weekend).

Anyhoo, just wanted to check in after my last post & let you know that I'm still here & I'm still going...

Hope everyone else is having a great week!!

Friday, February 22, 2013

Today was bad...really bad...

Today was probably the worst day at school that I've experienced thus far.  I can't really go into too much detail but let's just say that I am praying my meeting with my instructor on Monday goes a lot better than I'm am expecting it to.....

Thursday, February 21, 2013

LOVED clinicals this week!

It's our 4th week of clinicals and THANKFULLY we got to move sites.  I was SO happy to be gone from the orthopedic floor & move on to the periop floor.  And yes I have to admit, I actully enjoyed the last two days.  I think there were a number of contributing factors to why I liked this clinical so much better than the other.  First, my patient was SO super precious, and her husband was so very sweet, both to her and to me.  Second, the nurse I was following ROCKED!!!!!  Of course I found out the 2nd day of my clinical that she had just graduated from my program last May!! Duh!  I didn't even recognize her (but I'm like that, I tend to live in a bubble).  She was so cool about teaching us stuff & letting us do any little thing we could - hanging a bag of normal saline, giving a suppository, taking people's blood sugars, giving flu shots (I know exciting stuff, but when it's your first time doing any of it, it is exciting!).  Of course I had given flu shots & taken blood sugars before, but it's still much better to be doing those things than standing around in the hall looking like a big dufus.  It's amazing the difference following a good nurse who actually "sees" you can make.  I'm actually looking forward to going back next week & for one day the week after, and I'm so happy to be able to say that.  I swear for a second there I was 2nd guessing whether or not nursing was going to be for me, but I'm back on track now!! 

Oh & another interesting thing that my nurse told me was concerning the DNP.  She said that she had recently talked to one of the women who was on the board that made the decision about implementing the DNP and that the woman told her that there was no way it was going to be implemented by 2015.  She said maybe within 5 years but probably looking closer to 10.  PLEASE God let that be the case!!  While I am not against the DNP, I don't for one second think that should be the requirement for entering into advance practice nursing.  I have many thoughts on that that I will save for another post, but for this post I am just happy to report that I, Candi, actually enjoyed my Med/Surg rotation this week!!  Who woulda thunk it??

Thursday, February 14, 2013

My oncology rotation....

Where to start.  Initially I thought that maybe I wanted to go into oncology and so I was looking forward to my oncology rotation, well that was yesterday. 

First we went to medical oncology where we followed around the nurses who administered chemotherapy.  I met a really nice lady who had recently started treatment for her cancer, although she had been diagnosed more than a year ago.  That really made me wonder, why do doctors wait to treat?  She said it was b/c her cancer was slow growing & they wanted to just watch it.  Well, they watched it & by the time they realized something was up it had metastasized & spread.  What may I ask is the point of that?? Why not treat immediately in order to assure that it doesn't spread???  Very confusing.  I met another very sweet patient who had been receiving chemo for EIGHT years!  Honestly, I didn't even realize that people got chemo for that long.  That patient was very sweet & interesting & was very happy to have had the 9 years that the chemo has given her.  While it was interesting, I have to say that I don't see myself doing that job.  It was basically hanging/administering chemo meds all day long & then charting it on the computer & billing the patients.  Seemed very routine & like it would get old really fast. 

Second we went to radiation oncology.  At first they put us with the radiation techs who actually admistered the radiation.  Again, while that was interesting, it was basically them sitting in front of a computer & the radiation machine, putting the patients on the table, turning on the radiation, taking the patient off the table & repeat 60 x's a day.  When we finally got to follow the nurse it was even worse.  The radiation nurse's job was basically to input the patient info into the computer.  She didn't even do a physical assessment.  Seriously?  They need a RN for this?  I'm pretty sure that job could have been handled by a MA, or even an unlicensed person.  Again, not for me. 

Now while these jobs were not my cup of tea (thank God we only had one day with this "rotation") there was another reason that I don't think I could do that job.  When I was in the radiation oncology part the patient that we were interviewing had lung cancer that had metastasized to her brain & she was there for a work up for brain radiation and I couldn't help but put myself in her daughter's place & think back to my own mother.  At one point the memories were so overwhelming that I thought I was going to have to get up & leave room during the dr's assessment.  And while I was able to get it together & get through the day I woke up this morning in tears & have bascially been a basket case all day.  Of course I didn't realize how upsetting yesterday was to me until about 2:00 this afternoon.  At first I just thought it was stress from school (which is a part of it as well), but then I realized that yesterday was just a really painful experience & one I don't think I want to live over & over every day.  So, one more specialty down. 

I love my rotations b/c it really is giving me an opportunity to find my place, unfortunately I just haven't found it yet.  Of course I've only had 3 rotations so I still have a ways to go.  Man will I be happy when the next 3 weeks are over & I can move on from Medsurg to L & D.  Never thought I'd be saying that!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

So THIS is what they were talking about...

Holy crap, NOW I am seeing what everyone else is talking about when they say 3rd semester is the hardest.  I mean seriously, the amount of assignments/test/papers/clinicals that we have due this semester is C-R-A-Z-Y!! 

Luckily the medsurg paperwork that looked insurmountable at the beginning of the semester has actually turned out to be pretty manageable, so I can't complain too much about that one.  Thankfully I've got 2 clinicals down on the ortho floor with only one more to go & luckily next week I only have one day on that floor since I have my oncology rotation the other clincial day.  So technically I only have 1 more day on the ortho floor, YAY!!!!!!  After that 3rd week we then switch to a different floor for our last 3 weeks of medsurg clinical and then guess what? I will OFFICIALLY be done with the DREAD medsurg of 3rd semester!!!!!!!!!!!! Woohoo!! I can do it, I can do it, I can do it!!.  Whew

Today was pretty ok.  I felt MUCH more comfortable being on the floor & taking care of my patient. And I even felt more confident filling out the paperwork (ie. care plans, etc.) Also, I got to see a heart cath, and that was alright.  I found it interesting watching the roles of the scrub nurse & the circulating nurse.  I think I would like the circulating nurse's job.  I like fast paced.   

This Friday is our first OB test which I'm nervous about and then Monday is our first Medsurg test, which I'm TERRIFIED about.  But I guess there's nothing I can do except study.  Thankfully I have tomorrow off and as bad as I just want to SLEEP the whole day, I guess I'll use it to study my buttumpkus off and pray for a good grade on both of these exams. 

I just have to get through this semester......pray for me!!!