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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

So THIS is what they were talking about...

Holy crap, NOW I am seeing what everyone else is talking about when they say 3rd semester is the hardest.  I mean seriously, the amount of assignments/test/papers/clinicals that we have due this semester is C-R-A-Z-Y!! 

Luckily the medsurg paperwork that looked insurmountable at the beginning of the semester has actually turned out to be pretty manageable, so I can't complain too much about that one.  Thankfully I've got 2 clinicals down on the ortho floor with only one more to go & luckily next week I only have one day on that floor since I have my oncology rotation the other clincial day.  So technically I only have 1 more day on the ortho floor, YAY!!!!!!  After that 3rd week we then switch to a different floor for our last 3 weeks of medsurg clinical and then guess what? I will OFFICIALLY be done with the DREAD medsurg of 3rd semester!!!!!!!!!!!! Woohoo!! I can do it, I can do it, I can do it!!.  Whew

Today was pretty ok.  I felt MUCH more comfortable being on the floor & taking care of my patient. And I even felt more confident filling out the paperwork (ie. care plans, etc.) Also, I got to see a heart cath, and that was alright.  I found it interesting watching the roles of the scrub nurse & the circulating nurse.  I think I would like the circulating nurse's job.  I like fast paced.   

This Friday is our first OB test which I'm nervous about and then Monday is our first Medsurg test, which I'm TERRIFIED about.  But I guess there's nothing I can do except study.  Thankfully I have tomorrow off and as bad as I just want to SLEEP the whole day, I guess I'll use it to study my buttumpkus off and pray for a good grade on both of these exams. 

I just have to get through this semester......pray for me!!!


  1. Oh, you!!!
    You do know that ALL THAT CLINICAL PAPERWORK is really helping you out in the long run :)

    It may be overwhelming right now, but you are learning so much - at such a rapid pace!

    I'm so glad you're finding clinicals more comfortable! I love them.
    I used to not be so sure about clinicals, but the more autonomy you get, the more confident you feel in your skills.

    You will get through this!
    Med-Surg is a lot - and it's by far, not all the stuff that you will have to know.
    Oh, the life of a nurse..
    ..always learning ;)
    Go Candi!!

    1. Girl I know my brain is working overtime hence the total exhaustion 100% of the time. I do like clinical though. I'm really excited to switch floors b/c when we do then I'll have 2 patients!! Whoa! I really can't wait. Thanks for the encouragemnet!

  2. Glad clinicals are going a bit better for you...and oh the exhaustion is a universal theme in nursing...It is part of the job. Are you doing IV's yet? (those are one of my favortie things to do)You will find your nitch and your routine. Don't give up

    I answered your question on my blog in the comment section too by the way :)

    1. Actually we're not allowed to do IV's in 3rd semester anymore, so I don't know when I'll actually get to start doing them. :( And yes, I have found that all of my friends/fellow classmates are exhausted as well. I'll be honest, I'll be happy when that part is over!