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Thursday, February 21, 2013

LOVED clinicals this week!

It's our 4th week of clinicals and THANKFULLY we got to move sites.  I was SO happy to be gone from the orthopedic floor & move on to the periop floor.  And yes I have to admit, I actully enjoyed the last two days.  I think there were a number of contributing factors to why I liked this clinical so much better than the other.  First, my patient was SO super precious, and her husband was so very sweet, both to her and to me.  Second, the nurse I was following ROCKED!!!!!  Of course I found out the 2nd day of my clinical that she had just graduated from my program last May!! Duh!  I didn't even recognize her (but I'm like that, I tend to live in a bubble).  She was so cool about teaching us stuff & letting us do any little thing we could - hanging a bag of normal saline, giving a suppository, taking people's blood sugars, giving flu shots (I know exciting stuff, but when it's your first time doing any of it, it is exciting!).  Of course I had given flu shots & taken blood sugars before, but it's still much better to be doing those things than standing around in the hall looking like a big dufus.  It's amazing the difference following a good nurse who actually "sees" you can make.  I'm actually looking forward to going back next week & for one day the week after, and I'm so happy to be able to say that.  I swear for a second there I was 2nd guessing whether or not nursing was going to be for me, but I'm back on track now!! 

Oh & another interesting thing that my nurse told me was concerning the DNP.  She said that she had recently talked to one of the women who was on the board that made the decision about implementing the DNP and that the woman told her that there was no way it was going to be implemented by 2015.  She said maybe within 5 years but probably looking closer to 10.  PLEASE God let that be the case!!  While I am not against the DNP, I don't for one second think that should be the requirement for entering into advance practice nursing.  I have many thoughts on that that I will save for another post, but for this post I am just happy to report that I, Candi, actually enjoyed my Med/Surg rotation this week!!  Who woulda thunk it??


  1. Always remember how this nurse made you feel, so that when you are working with a student, you'll do the same!

    1. Believe me I will! She is so super sweet, I was very lucky to be able to follow her.

  2. I found your blog via NP Odyssey.
    I'll add you to my blog list. Check out my site when you have time!

  3. Med/surg is a great learning opportunity for a wide variety of health problems.
    As for the DNP I would occasonally check into the credentialling sites for updates on what is happening with the 2015 deadline. Not sure what will happen, but the ANCC might have updates. http://www.nursecredentialing.org