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Saturday, September 29, 2012

To share or not to share, THAT is the ?

Ok, so in our Pharm class we have a midterm coming up.  So the teacher gives out this long (275 questions) study guide that has all the questions from the test bank that could possibly be on the test.  Problem is the questions are unanswered, which means mucho time spent looking up the answers to all these questions, which in turn means MAJOR TIME!  So, my bestie & I decide (ok  it may have been his original idea) that we need to contact a few of our friends & see if they want to divide & conquer.  Great idea right?  Well, what was supposed to be a small group of about 7 or so people blossomed into 25 people (which is almost HALF the class) & then another group that totally split off on their own.  I mean once the word got out it was like "Oh well so & so would want to do this too) & of course the more people the less questions we each have to answer.  Sooo, we ended up with about 16 questions a piece, which isn't too bad.  I mean I think it took me like an hour,  maybe less, to get all of mine answered.  So far so good right?  Well, sort of... At the point that it became half of the class I suggested that we just open it up to the whole class so that everyone could participate, but there were a few people who didn't want to do that.  They said that we didn't want to include everyone b/c we didn't know if everyone would take it as seriously.  So we didn't open it up to everyone, thereby excluding half of the class.  So we got all of our questions done & in direct conversation with a few of the people in the group we decided that it was no big deal if we shared the answers with anyone that may want them.  I mean there were other groups as well & we talked about comparing answers to make sure that we got them right.  So today's the day.  We got all of the questions back & lo & behold I offered someone who wasn't in the group the list of questions & all hell broke loose.  The main girl who didn't want to share the questions spoke right up.  She said if she had known that she was doing all the work for the rest of the class then she wouldn't have done it.  I'm sorry since when is 16 out of 276 questions "ALL of the work"???  Seriously?  Then her nursing BFF chimed in & said she didn't want to share her 16 answers either, really?  I couldn't believe it.  So I sent out a mass email to everyone involved & basically said that as nurses we will be expected to work as a team & like or not this group of students is our "team" for the next year & a half.  I said that whoever didn't want me to share their 16 questions that I wouldn't, but that I just figured we'd want to help each other out.  Well, only one other girl chimed in saying that she didn't want to share her answers.  I have to admit, I was SORELY disappointed.  I mean I could understand NOT sharing if say we had opened up the questions to the whole class & then someone chose NOT to participate and THEN asked for the answers, but we didn't even give everyone a chance to participate, so why exclude them??  Those three were like "We don't want to do all the work for everyone else in the class."  Ok, I get that, believe me I do, but some of those people who WOULD have liked to have participated didn't even get the chance, so why punish them???  To say I was upset is an understatement.  If you can't share 16 questions to help out your fellow classmate then how are you going to be if we're working together on the hospital floor????  Needless to say, I do NOT want them on the floor working with me.

Ok, I'm stepping off of my soapbox now, what do you think?

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Totally nervous!!!

Tomorrow is my 2nd check off.  NG tubes/feeding tubes

& wound dressing. 

I am SO nervous after last weeks fiasco, I swear if I could just have a different teacher I would be better.  I know that these aren't that hard of skills but I get so nervous and then I start thinking "Gosh this seems too simple, you must be missing something" & then I start trying to add stuff that I don't need to add.  Ughhhh, NERVES!!!!!  The teacher did say that the most important thing (of course) is not to break the sterile field, which I'm pretty good at paying attention to that, but I just hope I don't blank.  When the teacher starts asking pointed questions I just tend to blank, even if I know the answer.  But this week I have practiced & read all the sheets (as opposed to last week) so I shouldn't be surprised by any of her questions.  We'll see.  

At 10:15 tomorrow say a prayer for me!!!

Goodnight peeps.

***Update*** Did SOOOO much better this week than last week. At one point I did break sterile field but it was no big deal, I just told her I would start all over.  No tears this week, yay!!  She did help break the mood a little by having the Sim tell me "No" when I told her I was going to change her dressing, lol.  Then when I was cleaning her wound she had the Sim doing all kinds of moaning, totally broke the serious mood.  Glad that check offs are OVER for this semester!! Now bring on the clinicals!!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

First skills check off of 2nd semester - Epic Fail!!

Oh my Lord, could I have been any more ridiculous in my first check off????? And lest you think I'm exaggerating let me replay the scenario:

"Hello Mr. Brown, my name is Candi and I'm going to be your student nurse today.  First of all I am going to check your blood glucose" (did that no prob).  "Ok, now I'm going to give you your insulin."  So I go with the whole NRN steps.  I draw the 10 mL of Regular, then add the 8 mL of NPH to equal the 18 mL that is on the Rx.  At which point the teacher says "That's only 17 mL, you need 18".  First of all, it was NOT only 17, I can see, but I wasn't going to argue so I proceeded to pick up the vial to make sure it was 18 mL's (which was actually 19 but whatev).   At this point I hand her back the syringe so that she can check to see that it's now 18 & she goes "It's 18 but you added R, not N" (with a look that says "You're a complete moron".)  Oh holy hell!!! So at this point I am now totally flustered & start freaking out!  She goes "And also, since you put N into the R vial, so what are you going to do now?"  I mean seriously, I lost it at this point.  All confidence I had in what I was doing went straight out the window! I said "I guess I should just start over huh?" and she said "Yeah that would be good, and what would you need to do with the vial of R?"   Obviously, throw it out, which means I wasted money.  So I proceed to push the fake meds into the garbage can so that I can start over, well guess what?  My needle came out in the garbage can!! After I emptied the syringe into the garbage can I looked at the end of my syringe & noticed that my freaking needle fell off!!  I mean WTH!!  Well, at this point I'm sure you know what happened (well those with experience will).  It was a stupid safety needle! When I ejected the medicine into the garbage can the needle retracted.  Hell I didn't even realize that it did that!!!  So, now as you can imagine I am DOUBLY flustered.  So there I am standing over the garbage can thinking "What the hell do I do?" when she puts me out of my misery & goes "That's a safety needle, it retracted into the syringe."  I go "Oh, I didn't even realize that they did that.  Can I use one of the extra's that is on the table?" & she goes "Yes" at which point I chuck the used syringe IN THE GARBAGE CAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  At this point I'm sure she is thinking I am the BIGGEST moron ever & she goes "You just threw a needle into the garbage can."  Ok, it was at this point I was just praying that Tennessee would experience a freak earthquake & that said crack from the earthquake would open up right under me & swallow me whole.  I IMMEDIATELY picked up the syringe from the garbage can & said "Oh my gosh I would NEVER throw a needle in the garbage can, EVER!"  So I proceed with the rest of the check off & although the rest wasn't as bad as that, it was still pretty bad.  I mean once all that happened I was  DONE!! I should have just gone  home, went back to bed & come back on a different day.  Regardless of all those shinanigans I did manage to pass somehow, but Lord KNOWS I will be studying MUCH harder for next weeks check off.  Pray for me!!!


Monday, September 17, 2012

Why Pharm??

So as I was sitting in Pharm class today thinking that I should have TOTALLY skipped I just couldn't help but shake the feeling that I was wasting my time.  Now, I'm not 100% sure that that's true, it was just the feeling that I had.  I mean seriously, who KNOWS this stuff besides pharmacists?  I seriously doubt if I were to walk up to a nurse working on the hospital floor & ask them what the difference between a muscarinic agonist & antagonist were they would have NO clue what I was talking about.  Please tell me how, exactly, this is supposed to help me be a nurse?  Now, don't get me wrong, I do find Pharm very interesting (the book more than the actual class) but I just can't help thinking that this is not "real" nursing.  As a matter of fact I know for certain that some nursing programs don't even include Pharm, so why am I being tortured?  Or should I say "Why are we being tortured?" because believe me I'm not the only one.  As a matter of fact this is a picture of our class today:

Ha! Totally kidding!! But I swear I know that some of us feel like this.  What about you?  Does your nursing program include Pharmacology?  Just a weird tidbit though, I also know of some LPN programs that don't even include Patho, now THAT I don't understand but whatev.  

Hope you guys had a great Monday!!!!


Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Would you like fries with that?

Today was it, the first test of my 2nd semester in nursing school and well, at least I passed.  I couldn't study. I just couldn't get into the groove and I never got around to really getting the information into my head.  It's one of those things were you get so overwhelmed that you don't know where to start so you just do nothing. That was me.  Fortunately I had taken the CNA class over the summer and so I had a pretty good idea of the answers.  Not enough for a B, but what's the saying "C's = degrees"?  Well C's don't equal a nurse practitioner degree, so I know I have to buck up & get a grip on these studies.  What I hate about the first test is that you never really know how to study for it.  You're not sure exactly how the questions are going to flow and so the first test is always the barometer, so it can only go up from here right?  I mean now I know what to expect and how to study, so the next test should be MUUUUCH better :D  Otherwise I may just have to go on down to Mickey D's and put in my application.  ;D

"Would you like fries with that?"

Thursday, September 6, 2012


My clinical group!!  And no I do not fix my hair & do my makeup before school.  I mean seriously, I get up early enough with doing all that stuff!!!

And btw that's my nursing bestie Gregory, the 3rd one from the left if your looking at the picture, which of course you are.  :D

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Week two of semester two...

Hmm, it doesn't feel like week two, honestly it feels like school hasn't even started yet.  Even though I've turned in one assignment & taken one quiz I am still behind.  Future note to self, do NOT plan any trips the week before & the week after classes start, especially BOTH.  I am so disoriented about my classes.  Today I went to school with my Pharm book, my Research book, my Dosage Calculations book and my lunch.  On the way to school I talked to Gregory & he then informed that today is a short day & the only class we have is Nursing Skills.  DUH!!  Thank goodness we have tomorrow off.  I HAVE to use that as a catch up day for sure!  I've got to get it together.  I have done 1% of the reading I should have gotten done by now and I am wiped!!  Thankfully my husband took my lab coat & scrub shirt to the cleaners to have them sew my patches on for me since this Thursday is our first day of having to wear our uniforms to clinical.  And about that, I'm sorry I just don't see the point.  Why is it necessary for us to wear our scrubs TO SCHOOL?  Do they think that once we actually start clinicals that if we're not in the habit of wearing them that we'll forget?  I mean who forgets to wear their uniform to work??? I am seriously considering taking my scrubs & changing into them once I get to school.  I just don't see myself walking around campus in those hideous things.  It would be different if they were cute, or were a more flattering color, but white scrubs, ugh.

Enough about that, I promise I'm going to pull it together & stop complaining, I just need a day to catch up, which will hopefully happen tomorrow.  I go to school M,T,TH & Friday, so I have Wed. off to catch up, can't wait for that to happen.

How is everyone else doing since school started??