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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Week two of semester two...

Hmm, it doesn't feel like week two, honestly it feels like school hasn't even started yet.  Even though I've turned in one assignment & taken one quiz I am still behind.  Future note to self, do NOT plan any trips the week before & the week after classes start, especially BOTH.  I am so disoriented about my classes.  Today I went to school with my Pharm book, my Research book, my Dosage Calculations book and my lunch.  On the way to school I talked to Gregory & he then informed that today is a short day & the only class we have is Nursing Skills.  DUH!!  Thank goodness we have tomorrow off.  I HAVE to use that as a catch up day for sure!  I've got to get it together.  I have done 1% of the reading I should have gotten done by now and I am wiped!!  Thankfully my husband took my lab coat & scrub shirt to the cleaners to have them sew my patches on for me since this Thursday is our first day of having to wear our uniforms to clinical.  And about that, I'm sorry I just don't see the point.  Why is it necessary for us to wear our scrubs TO SCHOOL?  Do they think that once we actually start clinicals that if we're not in the habit of wearing them that we'll forget?  I mean who forgets to wear their uniform to work??? I am seriously considering taking my scrubs & changing into them once I get to school.  I just don't see myself walking around campus in those hideous things.  It would be different if they were cute, or were a more flattering color, but white scrubs, ugh.

Enough about that, I promise I'm going to pull it together & stop complaining, I just need a day to catch up, which will hopefully happen tomorrow.  I go to school M,T,TH & Friday, so I have Wed. off to catch up, can't wait for that to happen.

How is everyone else doing since school started??


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