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Thursday, September 6, 2012


My clinical group!!  And no I do not fix my hair & do my makeup before school.  I mean seriously, I get up early enough with doing all that stuff!!!

And btw that's my nursing bestie Gregory, the 3rd one from the left if your looking at the picture, which of course you are.  :D


  1. Very cute class. Nice white, crisp uniforms too!

  2. still not sure why they think white is an awesome color for clinicals.
    ours are white too, mine are more grimy than they were a year ago, when they came out of the bag all starched and gleaming!
    have fun this clinical rotation ;)

  3. @ Misty - Yes I hate that they are white, we all do. But at least she gave us some tips about keeping them clean, hopefully it will work. Eating is definitely a nerve wracking process though because you're constantly checking to make sure you haven't dropped anything on them, lol!

  4. It is interesting how nursing uniforms have evolved over the years! Back in the dark ages, when I was a new grad, we wore all white. The worst, most impractical color ever. And that was in the days before oxy clean, so we had to use hydrogen peroxide, aka H2O2, to take out stains. Then there was the free-for-all years, where nurses could wear any kinds of scrubs they wanted. Now I see them wearing more "uniform" scrubs, everyone in the same color. I think that is to make everyone look more professional and to help patients keep from confusing, say, the housekeeping staff for an RN. Interesting that your school makes you wear white!

    1. I do like the idea of differentiating the nurses from the housekeeping staff, but instead of making us wear hideous white, why not just provide them with a real uniform? Black pants & a hospital embroidered polo??? Let the clinical people wear clinical uniforms & others not. I think that would be much better than all white.