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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Totally nervous!!!

Tomorrow is my 2nd check off.  NG tubes/feeding tubes

& wound dressing. 

I am SO nervous after last weeks fiasco, I swear if I could just have a different teacher I would be better.  I know that these aren't that hard of skills but I get so nervous and then I start thinking "Gosh this seems too simple, you must be missing something" & then I start trying to add stuff that I don't need to add.  Ughhhh, NERVES!!!!!  The teacher did say that the most important thing (of course) is not to break the sterile field, which I'm pretty good at paying attention to that, but I just hope I don't blank.  When the teacher starts asking pointed questions I just tend to blank, even if I know the answer.  But this week I have practiced & read all the sheets (as opposed to last week) so I shouldn't be surprised by any of her questions.  We'll see.  

At 10:15 tomorrow say a prayer for me!!!

Goodnight peeps.

***Update*** Did SOOOO much better this week than last week. At one point I did break sterile field but it was no big deal, I just told her I would start all over.  No tears this week, yay!!  She did help break the mood a little by having the Sim tell me "No" when I told her I was going to change her dressing, lol.  Then when I was cleaning her wound she had the Sim doing all kinds of moaning, totally broke the serious mood.  Glad that check offs are OVER for this semester!! Now bring on the clinicals!!


  1. i know all too well how much anxiety check offs cause. for my vital signs check off, my BP was the highest it's ever been. i pray you do great!

  2. Thinking of you and keeping my fingers crossed :)

  3. Geez, why does she have to be so intimidating? No better way to make sure someone messes up than to mess with them....

    1. She was MUCH better this time, believe me. And the crazy thing is she didn't even remember how bad I had flubbed up last time! Just glad it's over.