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Monday, November 5, 2012

Classes cancelled...

So drove all the way to school today for my 2 classes only to have them cancelled because the power was out.  The bad part is that classes were cancelled and we all left around 9 am and guess what time the power came on?  RIGHT AFTER WE LEFT!!  So, not only did I waste time, which is ok, but I wasted money & gas, which is way more expensive than my time!! :(  Ugh...I wish I didn't live so far from campus...

Anyhoo, I'm getting close to the end of the semester & things are coming up, namely group projects.  Can I just say how much I detest group projects?  Well, actually that's not true.  I only dislike the group projects where you don't get to pick your groups.

Conquering Group Projects

This semester we have 2 group projects due.  One is in Pharm, which luckily we have a great group for that one.  The other is in Research & it's not that that group sucks, it's just that we all have a really hard time making a group decision & I already told Gregory that I REFUSED to step up & be the leader.  It seems like I always end up being the leader of my groups & I just was NOT going to do that this time.  Luckily in our Pharm group we pretty much all just contribute no problem.  The other thing I don't like about group projects is that the other people don't do it exactly as you would do it and for Type A, anal personalities, it is a teensy bit nerve wracking.  I mean you look at the PP & think, hm, I probably would have done it like this...but I guess you just have to let it go and thank God that someone in your group first of all, knows how to do a PP, and 2nd offered to do it! I am LOST when it comes to making PP's.  I've never made one before & so I'm always thankful when someone else knows how to do it.  The only good thing about doing group presentations is that the class gets to "grade" each other & we're all usually pretty lenient.  I mean we want to help each other out as much as possible....well most of us do.

So, this conversation brings me to Research.   Does anyone else have to take this class??  Can I just say how boring I think this class is?  I seriously think they should make this an elective class, for those people who are actually thinking about pursuing research, which ain't me!! If I wanted to sit behind a desk all day reading a bunch of articles then I would have stayed as an office manager.  No thanks!! I want to get all one on one with  my patient's.

Well, anyhoo, I guess I'm about to head up to the library & do some studying so that the day isn't a total bust.....

Hope everyone else has a great week!!

***Addendum - I do realize that research is much needed & that as nurses we use evidence based practices with our patient's, what I mean about not wanting to do research is that I don't want to do it full time & I don't care about the difference between Simple Random Sampling & Stratified Random Sampling.  I DO think we need to practice based on the latest research that comes out though :D


  1. The big push in medicine now is towards evidence based care, in other words, we have to have research to back what we do. And this goes all the way to the bedside. Back in the day, we nurses just did thing "because that's how we always did it". For example, cleaning wounds with half strength hydrogen peroxide. Until a study was done that actually showed hydrogen peroxide impairs wound healing. So even tho the research class is boring, it will be good for you to be able to have a basic idea of how to interpret research studies and apply them to bedside care. Also, you most likely will participate in. Journal club as a staff nurse, where a research article that is applicable to clinical care is discussed. It is actually pretty interesting, and a great way to learn about applying research to what we do.

    1. I very much like evidence based care, as I think that the old way of "just do it like this because that's the way we've always done it" is dangerous and outdated. And while I realize that there is a DEFINITE need to perform research, I just don't want to be full time, actively pursuing it :D

    2. Oh, I get that! I'm a clinical gal, for sure!