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Friday, November 23, 2012

How cute is this for a button?

So I've seen everyone with "buttons" for their blog & I want one too!  I'm not really sure how to make one, but this is the picture I want to use for it.  Isn't it cute!! We'll see how it turns out. 

**After an hour & a half working on it, I gave up** 

If any of my nice friends that know HOW to make a button would like to make one for me as a Christmas present I would soo appreciate it :D I wanted to put the title at the bottom so that I didn't cover up the scissors.


  1. http://oikology101.blogspot.com/2008/09/make-your-own-button-for-your-blogger.html
    this is where i went to make mine.

  2. erase this if you want to, here is a 200 x 200 of the pic you wanted.

    it's in my photobucket. the html is on this page too. if you want to try and get your own writing and what not, go to iPiccy.com and you can edit it in there.

    1. Thanks for those tips!! It may need some tweaking but for now it'll do!

    2. i hear you. it's all about personalizing it how YOU want it! then, you follow the steps, cut//paste things into a word document, then cut//paste some more, and it's done.
      i'm NOT good at the techy stuff, and this is the only one i could figure out.