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Monday, April 30, 2012

Boo C's....

Ok so I was worried about Health Assessment & rightfully so.  I only had a 79 going into the final.  I needed a 66 to pass, which I did.  BUT guess how close I was to pulling off a B??? ONE stupid point.  Yep.  Walked away with an 84 on the final, which put me at an 80 for the class which was just ONE point away from making a B in the class!!  Can we say disappointed?  I mean going into the test I was like "Oh if I just pass this class I'll be happy" and honestly if I had passed with like a 77 or something like that I would have been super relieved just to pass, but to be ONE point away from a B, it's a bittersweet feeling.  After talking to my nursing bestie we decided that next semester was going to be VERY different for the both of us.  Honestly we've both kind of slacked this semester for one reason or another, but next semester we have a game plan.  After every test we're going to go immediately and highlight our notes to make sure that we can focus when it comes time for finals.  There's nothing worse than having to try & narrow down 46 chapters of information.  (I know ya'll know what I'm talking about), so next semester we have big plans.

So two more finals, Patho tomorrow, which thank God is open book (although we'll still only have it to use as a  reference since it's 100 questions & we only have two hours).  And then Gero on Wed, which I'm not even worried about since I have an A in that class.  Then after it's all said & done several of us are going out to Mexican to celebrate after Gero!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Yeay!!! I'm very excited.  I've met some really nice people this semester & I can't wait to get to know them even better over the next two years. Of course after this final today we've already lost 5 people from our semester.  It'll be interesting to see who doesn't make it to next semester.  :(  Sad but true.  Reminds me of that book The Long Walk.   But I'm determined it won't be me!!

Have other news but don't time to post it right now since it's 8:45 & I haven't even started studying for Patho yet.  I'll post more later.  Hope everyone else is doing great on their finals!

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