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Monday, February 20, 2012


So have you ever heard of this nifty little site? Basically it's an online set of flashcards that you make yourself. The cool thing about it is that you can share them. Our graduating class made a group so that any of us can go in & make flashcards & then whoever wants to can go & study them for the upcoming tests. It's really neat. For me it helps to type in the information on the cards, it really cements it in my brain.

Also, our graduating class made a FB just for us. It's a closed group so the teachers can't get into it & see what we're posting (of course not that anyone would be stupid enough to post anything heinous about any of them on there, well at least I hope they wouldn't). But it's a really cool thing to have. We can post helpful hints, let people know when we've uploaded some new flashcards, post when the grades are up, remind each other when stuff is due etc. Also, it helps to put some names with the faces we see every day.

So, today we had two tests in two of our easier classes. I did pretty well on the first one, got a 96 and the 2nd one we have to wait until Friday for the grades to be posted. I mean seriously? Why do we need to wait until Friday? We took the test on a bubble sheet for peets sake! Load those suckers into the machine & type out the grades already. But all in all I feel really good about this semester so far (I can't believe we've been in class already for 6 weeks!) I'm still a bit concerned about Assessment Lab, and Patho is always iffy. BUT one good thing happened in Patho. Since there were so many that did bad this past test she asked us what she could do to help & of course everyone said "Narrow down the sea of information" & lo & behold she did better than that. She made two summary guides & basically said whatever is on those study guides is what she's going to make the test questions from. I mean how much more specific can we get, thank you Lord! Butttt, I am a little concerned about next week. We've got 2 tests, a lab, a paper and 4 quizzes all due next week. The quizzes I can knock out no problem (they're online at home, but don't get me wrong that doesn't mean they're a cake walk) but the paper is really what's getting me. It's a very short paper, but it's about 20% of our grade and it has to be written in APA format, which I've never seen a day in my life. Sooo, I guess there's nothing to do but to do it. I'll let you know how it turns out. I'm doing it on the media's portrayal of nurses, and with those wonderful Johnson & Johnson commercials out right now, at least I have a starting point. :) I'll let you know how it all works out.

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