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Monday, October 1, 2012

Don't like the drama...

So after my last post there was definitely some drama that ensued over the whole sharing fiasco.  One girl (one of the non-sharers) even blocked me from seeing content on her FB, lol.  Probably because when she posted "Will.Never.Happen.Again" I posted under that "Agreed".  I mean seriously, people's selfishness never ceases to surprise me BUT what I did learn from this experience is that some people need to be kept at arm's length.  I try really hard to stay OUT of the drama, which unfortunately there is plenty of.  I just don't understand why though.  Believe me nursing school is hard enough without creating extra drama.  I got some really good advice from a 3rd semester.  She told me to stay away from certain people and stay off of FB!! Well, although I do like that advice, our class communicates a lot through FB.  We have a specific FB page just for our semester & then we have one for the nursing program.  It really is a great tool for sharing info, asking questions, etc., but it does lend to a slight bit of drama/angst.  Oh technology.

Ok, on to other things...

This Wednesday we have a flu clinic at a local Nissan plant and we get to practice giving SHOTS!! Woohoo! I'm so excited.  I can't wait to start sticking me some people, lol.  At least with this practice I can go into a clinical setting & not have to worry about it being my first time.  Don't like that we have to wear our yucky white scrubs, but still excited to be doing something clinical.  It'll be my first real nursy thing ;D  Of course we start clinical rotations two weeks from now & we'll get to do lots of nursy things, but I'm afraid with it being in a nursing home it'll be more like lots of CNA things.

Anyhoo, gotta run & study for my 2nd Intro test tomorrow.  Hopefully it'll be better than the last one, which I didn't study for at all.

Hope everyone has a great week!


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  1. I still remember giving my first injection--30 years ago--it was to a young sickle cell patient who was in extreme pain. I was giving IM demerol, and he wanted me to give it in his thigh aka vastus lateralis. He was in so much pain, he pointed to the spot. My hand was shaking! After that, it was easy...