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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

I have an interview!!

Guess who has an interview on Friday at 2:00 pm!! Yep, me!!


It's at a hospital in our next town over (about 15 minutes away) for a CNA position.  I'm sort of confused by the whole CNA/PCT thing.  I am hoping that these are the same positions, but even if they're not I'll just be glad to get my foot in the door.  This way I can apply for other positions as they come open AND I'll hopefully have a place to work when I graduate with my RN :)  I'm so super excited!! 

And guess who else is STILL waiting on their Med/Surg grade?? Errr, yes, me :{  Did I mention how much I hate to wait?  And the worst part is that it's a freaking scantron test.  I mean yes there were extra questions but come on, how long could it take??  I heard through the grapevine that one of the teachers added some new questions to the test & they were evaluating to see if these were the questions that caught everyone up (they said the average was pretty low) & if so they were going to consider throwing these questions out.  Welllll I kind of hope they don't b/c they said if they ended up throwing out some questions on this test then they would have to make them up on the final.  Uh, no thanks! 

So, here I sit at my computer playing Candy Crush and TOTALLY procrastinating from doing my newborn care plan while I hit refresh on D2L to see if the grades have been posted.  **Sigh** On top of the fact that I also should be working on redoing my care plan from last week's clinical.  The teacher TOTALLY murdered it.  She said it was a GREAT Med/Surg careplan, just not so rocking of an OB care plan.  So I'm having to do that over as well.  I think I'll wait & do that tomorrow night though, because what else do you feel like after you've done a 12 hour shift?  Coming home & doing a careplan right?   I know, I'm crazy. 

The weekend is getting close! :)


  1. Congrats on the interview! PCT = CNA in a hospital setting.

    1. Yeah, the nurse admnistrator was kind of surprised by the PCT title. But you were right, they are the same thing. :)

  2. I'm sure you will rock both the med-surg grade and the interview! Being a CNA was the best thing I ever did for my nursing career.

    p.s. I hated waiting for grades, too!

    1. Well I rocked the interview anyway, lol. Juuuuust barely passed my Med/Surg test, but hey that's better than the alternative right?