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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Put on call AGAIN!

Time to look for a 2nd job.  Today is the THIRD shift in a row that I have been put "on call". Which basically means that I have to be available to come into work should they need me for the whole 12 hours, thus I can travel no farther than 30 minutes from my home b/c I have to be there w/in 30 minutes or so if they decide they need me.  And while I understand low census I still don't think it's fair that I've been the one to have to take call for my last 3 scheduled shifts, I mean I'm thinking they should be switching this around & not just putting ME on call.  I know it's a Saturday & all but I think I'm going to send my boss a little text.  I mean this is ridiculous, I've worked ONE shift this week.  Not a happy camper.  Unfortunately b/c this is such a small, rural hospital there is nowhere to float to if your floor has too many techs & not enough patients.  Therefore I started applying for jobs at the hospital where I do my clinicals. It's a much bigger hospital & I'd say the chance of being called out for low census is very low seeing as they have something like 9 floors as compared to our 2 & they use techs everywhere not just on Med/Surg.  Plus my nursing bestie just started there as a Nurse Extern (glorified tech) & I would love to work with him. 

Other than that, summer is going great.  I am liking my job more & more (I was nervous there for a minute thinking I had chosen the wrong field).  I guess it helps when you start connecting with the people there, it kinda sucks being the new person. My baby girl has been gone now for almost 2 weeks, the longest she's ever been gone & she asked me the other day if she could stay longer than she was initially supposed to.  It looks like she may not come home until after th 4th!!  Crazy that she'll have been gone a month.  But I've done better than I thought I would.  I'm happy that she is getting this experience.  I have to say I'm JUUUUST about ready to start back to school, even though my nursing bestie won't be with me :'( I'm ready to get this last year DONE!! I can't believe that next May I will be graduating with my Bachelor's degree.  I know my mom would be so proud of me, I wish she were here to see it all. 

Anyway, I hope that you guys are having a great summer so far.  I mean I guess technically summer hasn't even started yet has it?  Oh well, don't work too hard, try to get out & play some this summer!

Later taters,

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  1. Because health care and hospitals run on profits census dictates whether you will work. Every floor has a budget and a way they cancel staff, like seniority or a VTO list. As a travel nurse I have worked in some large hospital with over a 1000 beds, and staff get called off with low census everywhere. Can't predict when people get sick or need care.