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“What if I Fall? Oh, but my darling what if you fly?” Erin Hanson

Monday, July 1, 2013

Summer is chugging along...

Sorry I haven't been around lately, not a whole lot "school-wise" going on.  I've been working & hanging out at the lake, as you can see from this picture, & that's about been my whole summer. 

Photo: Getting some sun!

This is my new nursing friend from work, I am really enjoying getting to know my co-workers.  I need to be working more than I have been but honestly I just can't bring myself to do it. This job is SO hard & I try to get in at least 3 days a week, but honestly I just can't bring myself to work more than that!  It's too hot in there & by the end of my 2nd day in a row my legs are DEAD.  I mean seriously, 11.5 hours STRAIGHT of walking, pulling, pushing, turning, lifting, my body is like "Whoa, what are you doing to me lady!" I try to get some breaks in but sometimes it just doesn't happen. And yes I know I'm preaching to the choir, but I'm just saying for those out there that read my blog that are just starting out in the nursing world.  Tech work is HARD!! But, I am thankful that I have this job, having money is really nice.  I took my niece to see The Heat the other night (TOTALLY hilarious! But TOTALLY inappropriate for kids, just sayin') and she was like "Oh look at you, you finally have some money" lol.  That's right sister I do!! 

Today is July 1st & you know me, I'm starting to itch to get back into school.  These summer breaks are WAY too long!!   But I still have 8 more weeks of lazy summer days, so I guess I'll just make the most of them.  Maybe I'll even try to work a teensy bit more, we'll see.

Hope everyone else is having a great summer so far!!

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