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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Seriously going to throw up!!

In regards to my last post, I did get an A on my paper, thank you Jesus!! And I got a very high B on my test, BUT I still only have an 80 in CC, which is just a C.  Fortunately I only have to make a 58 on my final to PASS the class, but I need to make an 88 in order to get a B.....can we say nervous as a cat in a room full of rocking chairs??????       
Cat in Room Full of Rocking Chairs

I mean I know I'm CAPABLE of making an 88 but my problem is, the final is on Tuesday and this Friday & Saturday are basically shot for studying. So that only gives me Sunday and Monday to REALLY get down to business.  I can do it right???

So here's my standing for my two classes.  Right now I have a B in Peds, I only need a 73 on the final (which is this Friday) to keep my B but I have NO chance of an A.  Even if I make 100 on the final I'll still only get a B, fortunately for me I've come to accept that B's just have to be acceptable.  And of course, I think that's completely doable. 
As far as CC it's what I said above.....I'm seriously SOOO nervous!! . 

Oh & to add more stress, I still haven't turned in my intent to graduate form and that's the form where they go over your transcript to make sure you aren't missing any classes.  Well, seeing as I graduate next semester, if I needed to take an additional class it would have to be then & next semester already consists of 18 hours, so basically I am praying that I'm not missing any classes. 

Why do I do this to myself??? 

Pray for me!!

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