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Saturday, January 11, 2014

Going to the ER baby!!!

Sooo, I got my confirmation for my capstone clinical and surprise of all surprises I got BOTH of my first choices!!  We were allowed to pick 3 areas we were interested in working in and 2 hospitals that we would like to work at and I got BOTH of my picks!!  My choices were ER, ICU, and OB in that order, and my hospitals were the one that is in my town, which is literally 5 minutes from my house and the one right in the town over.  Since we don't get an ER rotation I was REALLY wanting to do that. So, let's just say that I am SUPER PSYCHED for this last clinical!! 
Also, like last semester, I got first rotation for my clinical.  What this means is that I am going to hit the ground RUNNING, and I will be CRAZY for that first month, but thankfully it will give me a bit of breathing room at the end to study for finals (I hope) & get preprared for graduation. GRADUATION!! Did ya hear me!! I graduate in exactly 119 days!!!!!!!  I mean it seriously brings a tear to my eye just to think about it.  And not in a "Oh I'm going to miss this" kind of way, but in a "Thank God I ACTUALLY made it through alive" kind of way!  Seriously people, nursing school is NO joke. 
School starts the 16th with orientation & then on the 17th we have skills day and the DREADED math test.  I mean seriously people.  WHY are you torturing us with doseage calculation, don't you know the pharmacy is going to give us the instructions?  They're going to tell us what to set the machine too.  Oh well, I guess it's good to know in case I go on a mission trip & ever need that info...
Can you believe that in 2 weeks I my countdown to graduation will be UNDER 100 DAYS!!  I swear I thought it would never get here, but it has and I am SO thankful!! 
Anyway, just thought I'd give a small update.  Hope everyone else is doing great.  Getting ready for the whirlwind to begin!!!



  1. Congratulations! You'll learn and do so many things in the ER. Best wishes!!

  2. Just found your blog the other day....good luck to you! I'm a mom/student nurse, too. I'm in my third semester (OB/Peds and Gero are this semester for me) and will graduate in August. I'm LOVING OB so far!
    I'll keep watching to see how your experience in the ER goes!

    1. Thanks for visiting!! I'm super excited about the ER. Graduation is just around the corner for us both, woohoo!!

  3. It may be fun, isn't it? Congratulations and All the very best. My good wishes are with you. Looking forward at your graduation news.