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“What if I Fall? Oh, but my darling what if you fly?” Erin Hanson

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Getting off track....

Ok am I the only one who starts getting off track at the end of the semester? I don't remember doing this in my other semesters & maybe I've just gotten sidetracked b/c my children have been out of school for two weeks, but dang if I don't feel like I've been derailed. Last night I had an online test due & also a lab paper & darn it if I didn't forget to turn in my lab!! Now we are only allowed to turn in our labs three times before we fail the class & the first time I knew I was going to turn it in late (that was they day of my paper disaster & I just couldn't face it), but last night I just totally blanked on it & didn't turn it in!!! Of course I left school early the other day & then totally ditched my class on Wednesday, so I think I just got a little off course b/c of all of this. BUT guess what I got on my TERRIBLE paper? An 89!!! Can you believe that?!! She must have been REALLY lenient on that grading scale, but hey, I'll take it. Now as far as the major things are concnerned I only have 2 more papers (one is really small) & a portfolio to turn in & then it's tests & finals only. Only 4 more weeks of actual class & then FINALS!!! So, here are my grades so far. Assessment C (I HATE that I have a C in that class, I'm really hoping to pull that up with these next two tests). Gerontology A, Patho B, Nursing Trends A and Professionalism A. That's pretty good right? Then all I have to do is get 75% on my final assessment & I'll be good to go!! I have to say that although I don't feel much more prepared to be a nurse after this semester I am still loving the direction my life is going.
Hope everyone has had a great week, the weekend is JUST around the corner! :)

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