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Monday, March 26, 2012

So discouraged....

So today was my 4th Assessment test and I can't even begin to tell you how discouraged I am. As I have probably said before, I'm not doing so hot in this class and NOT because it is a hard class by any means, but I think it's b/c I'm assuming it's so easy & therefore I'm not giving it the time it deserves when it comes to studying. Today's test was the easiest test we've had in that class, over the easiest material and yet it was the WORST grade I have made in there!!! I was so upset that I left class as soon as the test was over, I couldn't even stay for lecture. I mean I am just so upset about this. I am a straight A student normally & while I can handle a B, I am so upset with my grade in this class. And really I'm not upset b/c I am getting a C as much as I am upset that it is putting me so close to getting kicked out of the program. And yes we are allowed to retake one course, but I don't want to have to do that!!! Ugh, so frustrated and upset...


  1. Ok I want to offer support cuz yeah it sucks so here is a (hug. However now I have to treat you like I would one of my friends or kids because the main thing here is... you really have to grow a thicker skin. The fact that you had to leave a lecture, in a class you are doing poorly in, because you did poorly on a test, is a warning sign you need address pretty quickly.

    You have to get over the obsession with getting the 4.0 until you get a grip on the concept of nursing school. You are treating this as if it were any other college program and it most certainly is not.

    Skipping lectures are a big deal, usually its the difference between passing and failing, as determined by the 6 people in my second semester who rarely came to lecture and failed right out.

    First, You need to reevaluate your study habits and your organizational strategy.

    Second, You need to address a way to learn to deal better with failure. For example, in clinical when you mess up a procedure or can't get the IV, or are getting your ass chewed out by the Instructor or Staff Nurse, or worse yet a Doctor, you have to be able to stand there with confidence and take it. Brush it off, learn from your mistakes and move forward. Nothing was every accomplished by moving backward right?

    So take ownership of the bad grade, move past, and fix whatever it is that made it happen.

    But please don't run from it ... Once again (Hug), now get back on that horse and rub some dirt on it :-)

  2. If you're serious about this class, then have a heart-to-heart with one of the instructors (if you have multiple), not so that they have pity on you but to give them an idea that it's not that you don't care but that you need to realign your priorities a bit?? Just an idea for you. I know school can be difficult, in all of my pre-reqs, I maintained an A average for sure! Then nursing school humbled me. To say it honestly you get what you put in and sometimes you can put in blood, sweat, and tears and you still get a crap grade. Keep your chin up, reorganize your priorities and maybe take some focus off another class you're doing well in and put that time back into this class. Keep your calendar/organizer with you at all times to make sure you keep track of your due dates. I have a white board in the hallway off my bedroom with one week out of what I have coming up so that on my way in and out of my room and/or the bathroom I always see it. My kids even see it and ask me questions on whether I got certain projects done yet or not. Just keep in mind that I will pray for your well-being, as sucky as this time is for you right now. Oh and NEVER blow off a lecture!! You never know what you'll miss that won't be covered on your notes but will be asked of you on your next exam.

  3. Zazzy - believe me a talk with this professor would get me nowhere. She regularly sends us emails basically telling us how much we suck. Which is ok with me normally, but today I just couldn't deal with it OR her. And no I NOT normally skip lectures, but there was only an hour left in it & I just wasn't doing it today. I think pretty little PMS had a bit to do with it as well.
    AZ Mom - You are right about one thing, I need to prioritize my time when it comes to studying, especially with that class. I wasn't giving it the weight it deserves & that stopped immediately after today's test. I've already started studying for the last test & it's 3 weeks away. I'm determined to get an A on this last test, even if it kills me!!
    But thank you both for your advice, glad to have you in my corner & on my butt a little bit too. I guess I won't consider changing careers just yet, lol. Kidding ;)

    Thanks again!