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Sunday, June 3, 2012

12 weeks!!

So yesterday I talked to my nursing bestie and he said what I've always said, he was bored, lol.  I TOLD him.  We were both lamenting that our program doesn't go through the summer like other programs around.  I mean seriously, we could be done TWO WHOLE SEMESTERS early if our program went through the summer months.  So after we got done complaining for a good 10 minutes I went and looked at my calendar & realized that we only have 12 weeks left until school starts again, woohoo.  So four weeks down, only 12 more to go.  And yes, I have actually started enjoying my summer. The kids are out of school & we've already been to the lake 3 times.  It's different from last summer though, this year we're actually having a spring, which is so nice.  Spring is tied for my favorite season.  I love it when the days get longer and it's warm enough to swim during the day, but still cook enough to wear a light jacket at night.  I'm sure the more summer goes and the more relaxed I get then I probably won't be as ready to jump back into school.  Ok, you're right, you know me better than that, I will ALWAYS want to be in school (well at least until I'm done).

But in the interim this is what I've been enjoying:

with these precious faces:

Thank God they're in school or else it would be so much harder to leave them and go to school myself.

I hope everyone else is enjoying their summer break.  :)

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