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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Two more finals to go...

Monday is Pharm & Tuesday is Fundamentals and then semester 2 of nursing school is IN THE BOOKS!!  Soo excited that it's almost over.  I finally got my grade in research & after all of the little "projects" that she had us do I was able to pull off an A!!! My final grade came up to an 89.8, which gets rounded up to an A, whew, so excited!!

As of right now I have a 92 in Pharm and a 79.8 in Fundamentals.  So, I am hoping to keep my A in Pharm & I think it's pretty safe to say that I'm only going to pull off a B in Fundamentals, but hey that's better than a C (but yet not an A)!!  It's really my fault, I totally slacked in that class this semester. Ok, I'll be honest, I slacked in all my classes this semeter.  Well, not so much slacked, as didn't attend.  Our pharm teacher & our Fundamentals teacher put everything on PPT slides & then they would have us meet & they would just read over/go over the PPT's.  I'm sorry, but I don't need anyone to read the PPT to me, I can do that myself.  Therefore, I felt like if there was no teaching going on, then I didn't need to go to class, & I didn't.  I think in all total I only went to maybe 4 research classses and about half of my Pharm & Fundamentals class.  I mean seriously, if all of your info is on PPT's & all you're going to do is read the PPT to us, then just go ahead & make this an online class & put us out of our misery.  Especially those of us who have to drive an hour to class. 

We took our HESI last week (each semester we have one class where we have to take a HESI, which is indicative of how well you'll do on the NCLEX) and I have to say I was very pleased with my 86, which came out to a 1033 HESI score.  Seeing as you only need an 850 to pass and that 900 is "recommended", I am feeling pretty good about my score.  It's the exact same score as I made last semester on the HESI as well.  Last semester it covered Assessment & this semester it covered Fundamentals.  I have to admit though I am NOT looking forward to next semester's HESI, it's a Pharm one, boo!!!  Thank goodness our teacher gave us this great little book to study
I think it looks pretty darn helpful & you better believe I am going to be putting that sucker to use next semester (and probably the semester after that, and the semester after that, you get the picture)!!  

So, I guess I am going to hit the hay now & then get up bright & early tomorrow to hit it hard & heavy all day long so as to be ready for Pharm first thing Monday morning! Pray for recollection and I hope that everyone else is doing great on their finals!!

Blessings everyone,


  1. Congrats on the HESI scores those are pretty good!

    1. Thanks! There were people in my class that got way better than me, but I was pretty pleased with that.

  2. Hooefullt this week will fly!!
    We have to take something similar to your HESI called ATI. I dread it but we can take it as many times as we need to. Good luck with you next few days if studying :)

    1. I wish we could take the HESI more than once, although we probably wouldn't want to! Good luck with your finals too, only one more semester for you, it must be like a dream!! :D

    2. Wow. Sorry for all those crazy words up there.. Typing from my phone! And yes- I am SO ready to be done.

  3. Sounds like you are doing great to me! Congrats!