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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Thank you Lord for this small break!

Finally a break!! Whew.  For the semester that was supposed to be "all down hill from here" let's just say that those nursing students before me either lied, or their version of "down hill" is WAY different from my version.  Of course it could just be the rotation I was handed.  In 4th semester we have CC and Peds, but what the clinical intstructors do is divide up the rotations.  So there are three rotations.  You either have Peds or you have CC going at one time, not both.  So for me I had Peds first.  Then I have CC immediately following.   Now, while this is a CRAPLOAD of stuff at the very beginning of the semester, I do have the relief of knowing that I will have NO clinicals at the end of the semester so that I can soley focus on studying for the finals.  And the way that my grades are going this semester, I'm going to need it. 
Yesterday was our first "grand rounds".  We had to do it as a group and I am SOO glad that it's over!  Unfortunately we got a freaking 89!  Grrrrr One point from an A!  You know when you get like an 82 you're like "Whew thank God I got a B" because you're so close to getting a C, but when you get an 89 it's just pure frustration because you were SO close to an A.  Am I the only one that thinks like that?  On top of the fact that I've NEVER gotten less than an A before on any group project.  I won't even elaborate on that one.....
Anyhoo, my 2nd CC test is next week & so while I should be studying non-stop what am I doing instead?  Posting a blog :D  I am the queen of procrastination.  I have to work tonight from 11-7 & then tomorrow night from 7-7, but other than that I need to be spending every spare minute studying for this 2nd test.  Not to mention that it's over cardiac & up until this point cardiac has been one of my weakest systems.  Fortunately for me we have an AWESOME CC teacher & she has actually taught me more about the heart than I have learned in any of my other classes combined.  Soooo, hopefully this will pan out on my grade. 
As for my break.  My CC clinical doesn't start until October 17th, so I have a small 2 week break that I am SOO thankful for.  I needed it, BAD.  I need to catch up on all of my lectures & really I need to get started on my research paper.  Of course it's not due until November, but I'm a re-writer, so I like to get started early.  Plus, I HATE waiting until the last minute on stuff. 
Ok, I guess I'll stop procrastinating now & get to studying.  I hope everyone has had a great week!!

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  1. try getting a 92 and it being a B 1 point from an A... that sucked! I hated CC so good luck to you!