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“What if I Fall? Oh, but my darling what if you fly?” Erin Hanson

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Guest Post...

So one of my favorite posters has generously written a post to keep you entertained and informed while I'm gone, so without further ado meet Sherry:

Hi, I'm Sherry!  A big southern welcome to all of you!  Grab yourself a big ol' glass of sweet tea and sit and visit with me a spell.  I write over at The Sweet Life of the Reeses.  I'm the only Reese who ever posts on that ol' blog -- the other Reeses choose to be actors and not writers.  Today, I am filling in for Candi while she is on her nice, little, much deserved vacation.  Vacation...I just love that word!  Instantly, pictures of tropical sandy beaches, clear blue water, and cold beverages with little umbrellas enter my mind.  *Sigh*  Those kind of vacations don't really happen much when you have kid, do they?  We just had our first family trip to Disney World, and while we all had a blast, it was not very relaxing -- although I did manage to take a couple of naps by the pool that week.   We are also looking forward to our annual Labor Day weekend beach trip to Myrtle Beach, SC in just a few more weeks. 

I am so glad I found Candi (or did she find me?) in this wonderful little blog world.  We really seem to have a lot in common.   First, we are both back in school after being out for years.  She, of course, is in the nursing field, and I am entering my last year of law school.  While I am very tired of being in school and being away from my children so much and am ready to be finished, I am very nervous about finishing and all that will entail, i.e., finding a new job, paying back tons of student loan debt, etc.  That's why I have been determined to keep working my current full-time job as a legal assistant/paralegal while attending law school at night.  I just don't know how the job search is going to go when I am finished or how long it will take to find a better job.  Despite a constant reminder that I need to trust God to provide for me and my family, I still struggle with not worrying about the future as you can see. 

Second, Candi and I are both devoted wives and moms to two children.  Candi is a bit further along in the adventure with her kids, and she is a wonderful inspiration to me.  I am so nervous about having teenagers!   These are my precious little ones:

Third, Candi and I are both women of faith.  Candi is such an inspiration to me with her wisdom on matters of the heart.  I can really tell that she has a strong faith and trust in the Lord.  Thank you, Candi, for letting me guest post for you today, and I hope you have the best vacation ever! 

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