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Sunday, August 26, 2012

School day, school day, golden golden rule day!

So tomorrow starts the beginning of my 2nd semester of nursing school and I'll have to admit, I am terrified.  Just seeing the word Math breaks me out in severe hives and starts the nauseous feeling in my stomach.  I mean seriously.  17 Math chapters/quizzes!! I got into nursing so I wouldn't HAVE to do any more math but then here it is, back again.  I can already tell I'm going to worry myself to death over this!!  Then there's the EKG.  I don't think we learn that this semester but just reading my friends blog & seeing her talking about it gives me double hives.  I feel so lost and classes haven't even started  yet!!! Between Pharm & Research, I'm dreading this semester.  I'm starting to think this is just going to be an ongoing feeling at the beginning of each semester.  I guess I just need to remind myself of how nervous I felt at the beginning of last semester & of the fact that I did pretty well despite of myself.  I'm thinking an early bedtime tonight may be just what is needed.  Of course I guess need to watch the videos that the teacher has "recommended" we watch before tomorrow's class.  Ahh, and the fun has begun!

I did make it to the store & got some new ink for my printer (let the printing of schedules/syllabus' commence) and some Almond Joy creamer for those early mornings that I love so much.  Still haven't gotten any of the 4,672 books I need for this semester yet.  My student loan check doesn't come in until probably tomorrow so I am holding off until then to get my books & my scrubs.  Oh yeah & my backpack.  I'm starting to think a cruise the week before school starts wasn't such a good idea.  I hate feeling behind & this definitely put me there.  I guess all I can do is do my best to keep up until I actually get caught up.

Who else starts school tomorrow?  Have you already started studying?  Reading?  Watching the videos?  Nursing school, gotta love it.  Don't you?


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  1. I hope your week goes well, I'll be thinking about you as I finish my last week of freedom before I head back on Tuesday. Awww one week away!