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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Ok am I dense????

I swear I think I'm living in the twilight zone, but then again maybe it's just me.  For those of you in nursing school I wonder if you've heard the story of the girl in a master's FNP program who posted on FB that she wanted to buy someone's paper for $50.  Now she said she was just posting this because she wanted to see an EXAMPLE of someone's paper who had made a good grade.  Huh???  Are you sniffing glue?  Am I?  I means seriously, in what world would you think it would be ok to post on a PUBLIC website that you wanted to buy someone's paper????  Even IF you were joking, which she wasn't, why would you think this was ok???  Well guess who didn't think it was ok?  The school.  She was promptly expelled for this, I mean am I the only one that saw this coming?  And I have to say I agree with them.  In my book offering to buy someone's paper ONLINE is grounds for expulsion.  Now in her "defense" she said she had already turned in the first draft of her paper, which she points out means she was not trying to turn in someone else's paper as her own, BUT still, why at this point in your education would you take this risk???  And honestly this is something I would think a high school student would do, NOT someone in a Masters degree program, but would you believe there are people online that are defending her?  Which brings me back to my point.  Am I crazy?  Would YOU post ON FACEBOOK that you wanted to buy someone's paper for $50?????  Please enlighten me if I'm missing something here!!



  1. Um. No.
    Some people really MUST be that dense...

    1. Whew, that's what I thought! But there are actually people defending her??? I thought I was losing it for a minute.