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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Holy Hungry Batman!!!!!!!!

Don't have much time for a long post since I have TONS of MedSurg paperwork to do, BUT I must mention this.  Today was my first day of clinical (techinically it was only half clinical & half orientation) but I still had to wake up at 5:00 am & get out the door.  That was all fine & dandy except for the fact that I didn't really take into account that I wouldn't get to eat for another SEVEN & A HALF hours!!!!!!!!!  Can we say STARVED by the time lunch rolled around?????  I mean whoa, I was seriously ready to gnaw off my own leg!!  And let me just say my beloved Noosa (best yogurt in the world) did NOT hold me over!!  Tomorrow my pockets will be filled with beef jerky & cheese in a sandwich bag, because my diet cannot afford another day like today!!  Whew! 

Ok back to regularly scheduled programming.  :)


  1. That's one thing I learned when I started out in clinicals: always eat breakfast & pack a snack. Especially the more advanced I got in clinicals, I never knew what time I would be able to eat again & there's nothing worse than trying to do your job all the while your stomach is growling so loud - EMBARRASSING! haha

    1. Well I definitely learned my lesson. Let's just say my classmates were making a bit fun of me today at all the food I brought! Hey, you don't have to starve me more than once for me to get the point!! :D